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New Institute Members, May 2021

Published: Monday, 31 May, 2021

This month, the Earth Institute welcomes four new members: Dr Christine Bonnin (School of Geography), Dr Declan Delaney (School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering), Professor Aidan O'Sullivan (School of Archaeology), and Dr Shen Wang (School of Computer Science)! 

Christine Bonnin's research is concerned with the human-side of sustainable development, and particularly with interrogating mainstream economic development which has tended to produce profound socio-economic inequalities and negative environmental impacts, the burden of which are often carried by the most marginalised and vulnerable groups in societies. Her work focuses on the geographies of Southeast Asia and Southwest China and, more recently, the Global North, exploring contested marketplace redevelopment and its impacts on trader livelihoods in Dublin.

Declan Delaney is currently involved in developing data assurance systems for sensed data and infrastructure design for collection and handling of multi streamed data for large precision agriculture. His research interests are in the areas of network data analytics for adaptable programmable networks and infrastructure for IoT and sensor systems.

Aidan O'Sullivan has research interests in early medieval Ireland in northwest Europe, AD 400-1100; in wetlands archaeology and environments globally, and in experimental archaeology as a way of investigating people in the past, and their material culture. Aidan directs the UCD Centre for Experimental Archaeology and Material Culture and has contributed to a number of Institute activities over the past few years.

Shen Wang's research focuses on smart sustainable transport, utilising state-of-the-art computer science technologies to make the existing transport system more efficient and sustainable. His work encompasses the Internet of Things and vehicular communications, big data analysis, and Artificial Intelligence for intelligent transportation systems.