Financial Support for Members

Institute Members, Associate Members and Affiliate Members are eligible to apply for funding through two Institute schemes

Strategic Priority Support Mechanism

The Earth Institute Strategic Priority Support Mechanism aims to stimulate interdisciplinary activity across the Institute, the University and beyond, in the area of environmental research and its cognate disciplines. Funding up to €10,000 is awarded to 2-4 multi-disciplinary teams per annum, supporting non-research costs for targeted projects that are topical, achievable and impactful.

Further details on the projects currently supported through the scheme and upcoming calls can be found here.

Small Responsive Funding Scheme

The Earth Institute Small Responsive Funding Scheme provides small awards to Earth Institute Members, Associate Members and Affiliate Members for activities that are beneficial to the applicant and wider Institute community, including contributions to the costs for travel of the applicant, a team member or a visitor. The scheme complements the existing Institute Strategic Priority Support Mechanism, providing regular, smaller awards throughout the year, with rapid decisions to accommodate opportunities as they arise.

The scheme provides support of up to €700 for activities where other funding is either not available or where the timing of funding calls do not fit with the timeline of the proposed activity. It is not envisaged that this scheme would support conference attendance or training activities as other funds are available.

Scheme guidelines and online application form can be found here.