Is this MSc for me?

 ‘As we go through the energy transition, it is important to have a range of applied skills that are up-to-date with society’s changing demands. In this MSc, we're ensuring the skills we are teaching are applicable to industry in the current day.’


  • Dr Claire Harnett, Course Instructor


‘In this age of information, geoscientists and geophysicists need the skills to manage, integrate and interpret subsurface data in three dimensions. In the MSc you will learn to do just that.’


  • Dr Koen Torremans, Course Instructor


‘You will learn about the different geophysical methods used to image the subsurface, and how to apply them to understand what's going on deep within the Earth.’


  • Dr Aline Melo, Course Instructor


‘At the end of the MSc, you won't be an expert in any one field, but you will acquire transferrable, problem solving skills relevant to any applied geoscience industry, from mining, to geothermal, groundwater, petroleum or geotechnical industries.’


  • Dr Lawrence Amy, Course Instructor


‘I am delighted to see that University College Dublin is starting a new MSc course titled: “Subsurface Characterization and Geomodelling''. As a career Mining and Exploration Geologist I can state that most undergraduate courses in Earth Sciences are weak in the areas of applied geology and graduates are often inadequately prepared for roles in industry or applied research. With the world embarking on a period of decarbonization to stabilize climate, graduates are well versed in the reasons for these changes but not in the technological solutions to the enormous challenges raised. It is clear that increased mining of metals will be needed, combined with better husbanding of hydrocarbon resources.’

John Ashton Headshot

  • Dr John Ashton, Consultant Mining and Exploration Geologist advising Boliden Tara Mines


‘Being able to use digital skills to understand the subsurface is really important when you go into industry. I am currently working as an Engineering Geologist with Arup. I use my background in geology to interpret a wide variety of ground conditions which includes soil and rock mechanics - this helps geotechnical engineers design safe and environmentally sustainable projects. It's very important to be able to conceptualise the difference between the shallow and the deep subsurface and to be able to digitally model the subsurface using borehole and geophysical data. I did my undergraduate degree in UCD and the support I received from the lecturers was fantastic. It's basically one-on-one teaching which is amazing.’

Maria Noone Headshot

  • Maria Noone, Engineering Geologist with Arup & UCD Geology graduate, 2019. Read Maria's full interview here.


‘UCD, Dublin and the School provided me with one of my most enjoyable and fulfilling phases of life experience, not just a route for continuing education. The global exposure and impact of the various research groups and Professors meant access as a PhD to an excellent global network of academia and industry, options for funding and facilities, and of course, attending some of the top conferences. I would not hesitate to recommend UCD as a great place to study geosciences.’

Simon Barker Headshot

  • Dr Simon Barker, Principal Geologist at Equinor, Bergen, Norway, and UCD PhD graduate. Read Simon's full interview here.


‘I really liked the small, intimate nature of the class sizes. The fact that a lecturer was just beside you, guiding you through the steps, was really helpful. You could ask whatever question you had in mind. A knock on the door, a simple email or a phone call was all I needed to do to have a chat on anything I needed clarity on. Through the course, I gained confidence in my thought process, and the course definitely gave me the confidence to speak up in my current role - that's what comes with knowledge, and with having really good lecturers. If you really want value for money, I think UCD in Ireland is definitely the way to go.’

Peter D'Almeida Headshot

  • Peter Eyram Djoble D'almeida - Geologist with Petroleum Commission, Ghana, and UCD Petroleum Geoscience MSc Graduate, 2017


‘The MSc in Petroleum Geoscience at UCD prepared me extremely well for working life. The professors were always reachable and very accommodating. The social support I received throughout this MSc program made the work enjoyable and fun. I came to Dublin alone, with no family or friends, but I never felt alone.’

Priveen Raj Headshot

  • Priveen Raj, Geomechanics Consultant , UCD MSc Petroleum Geoscience Graduate 2017