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Matlab scripts

Generate spatially autocorrelated noise

Transient sensitivity of matrix population models

Yearsley (2004) "Transient population dynamics and short-term sensitivity analysis of matrix population models", Ecological Modelling, Vol. 177, p245-258 [link to paper]

  • cactus.m : Example from the paper (Short-term sensitivity of cactus population)
  • near_term.m : Calculate short-term sensitivitites
  • S.m : First term of decomposition, (independent of initial conditions)
  • delta_S.m : Second term of decomposition

Mertens, Yearsley, van den Bosch and Gilligan (2006) "Transient population dynamics in periodic matrix models: methodology and effects of cyclic permutations", Ecology, Vol. 87, p2338-2348 [link to paper]

Cellular automaton model of peat smouldering combustion

Belcher, Yearsley, Hadden, McElwain, Rein (2010) "Baseline intrinsic flammability of Earth’s ecosystems estimated from paleoatmospheric oxygen over the past 350 million years", Vol. 107, p22448-22453 [link to paper]

fireox.m : Cellular automaton model