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PhD Candidate Research Areas


Mr Emanuele Albarosa
Research Interests

Applied econometrics, labour policy, migration, organised crime

Thesis Title The distributional effects of employment protection
Supervisor Prof Benjamin Elsner 
Funding IRC Government of Ireland Scholarship 

Mr Matthew Amalitinga Abagna
Research Interests Foreign Direct Investment, International Trade, Special Economic Zones and Taxation
Thesis Title Measuring the Impact of Policy Interventions on Subnational Economic Growth in Developing Countries Using Nighttime Light
Supervisor Prof Ronald B Davies 
Funding UCD School of Economics Scholarship

Mr Dimitrios Argyros
Research Interests

Demographic Economics, Development Economics, Political Economy

Thesis Title Essays in Demographic Economics: The role of political environment on family decisions: Evidence from developing countries.
Supervisor Dr Benjamin Elsner 
Funding BDIC Scholarship 


Ms Karen Arulsamy
Research Interests Mental health and economics, financial decision-making and outcomes, public policy, behavioural science
Thesis Title Mental health and financial outcomes over the lifespan 
Supervisor Prof Orla Doyle (UCD) and Prof Liam Delaney (LSE)
Funding Irish Research Council (IRC) Postgraduate Scholarship


Ms Tatiana Bezdenezhnykh
Research Interests Political economy, Inequality, Health economics
Thesis Title Living in a non-democracy: Russia's changing economic landscape
Supervisor Dr Kanika Kapur 
Funding UCD School of Economics PhD scholarship

Mr Killian Carroll
Research Interests Macroeconomics, Fiscal policy, Monetary policy
Thesis Title Essays in Macroeconomics and Fiscal Policy
Supervisor Prof Nora Strecker
Funding Irish Fiscal Advisory Council

Mr Philip Carthy
Research Interests Environmental economics, health economics, transport economics
Thesis Title Environment, Health, and Economic Well-being: A Long-Term Perspective
Supervisors Prof Aisling Reynolds-Feighan (UCD) and Dr. Seán Lyons (ESRI)
Funding UCD School of Economics PhD scholarship


Mr Giacomo lo Conte
Research Interests economics of innovation, economic geography, applied microeconomics
Thesis Title The geography of technological dynamics 
Supervisors Prof Ron Davies and Prof Dieter Kogler
Funding EZ Scholarship

Ms Deirdre Coy
Research Interests Health; education; human capital; intervention evaluation 
Thesis Title Health Formation and Early Investment 
Supervisor Dr Orla Doyle 
Funding SPHeRE Scholar (Health Research Board SPHeRE/2013/1) 

Mr Daire Crotty
Research Interests Labour, education and sports economics 
Thesis Title Educational attainment and wage structures 
Supervisor Prof Paul Devereux 
Funding UCD School of Economics PhD scholarship   

Mr Kenneth Devine
Research Interests Household Finance, Behavioural Economics, Lab and Field Experiments
Thesis Title Household Financial Decision Making
Supervisor Prof Liam Delaney
Funding Central Bank  

Ms Francesca Eustacchi
Research Interests Developing countries, development economics, Latin America
Thesis Title The impact of women land titles on children's well-being
Supervisor Dr Frank Walsh
Funding Self-funded 


Mr Eoin Flaherty
Research Interests FDI, productivity spillovers, wage returns from changing jobs, trade, macroprudential policy 
Thesis Title Productivity and Growth in a Globalised World 
Supervisor Dr Stefanie Haller 
Co-Supervisor Prof Ron Davies
Funding Funded by my employer; the Central Statistics Office, Ireland

Ms Sorcha Foster
Research Interests monetary policy, non-standard instruments, banking
Thesis Title Essays in monetary policy 
Supervisor Prof Karl Whelan 
Funding Funded by employer (Central Bank of Ireland)

Ms Beatriz Gietner
Research Interests Economics of Education, Complex Systems, East Asian development, Economic Growth
Thesis Title Estimating returns to education for different fields of study in Ireland from a macroeconomics perspective
Supervisor Prof Kevin Denny 
Funding UCD School of Economics


Mr Michele Gubello
Research Interests Applied Microeconomic Theory, Inequality, Intergenerational transmission, Public Economics, Economics of Education
Thesis Title Essays on Inequality and Public Policies: Theory and Applications
Supervisors Dr Benjamin Elsner and Dr Sarah Parlane
Funding IRC Government of Ireland Scholarship  
Website https://sites.google.com/view/michelegubello


Mr Xidong Guo
Research Interests Contract theory; health economics; asymmetric information; auction; housing market; sports economics 
Thesis Title Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivations: Addressing the Private Care in Irish Public Health System 
Supervisor Dr Sarah Parlane 
Funding School of Economics Scholarship, UCD  

Mr Tadgh Hegarty
Research Interests

Behavioural Economics. Financial, Betting and Prediction Markets. Asymmetric Information & Economics of Uncertainty

Thesis Title Essays in Applied Microeconomics
Supervisor Prof Liam Delaney (LSE)
Funding Funded by employer ; the further education and training authority SOLAS

Mr Mohsin Javed
Research Interests Labour markets; Technological change
Thesis Title The impact of automation technologies on workers with different skills
Supervisors Dr Benjamin Elsner and Dr Christopher Jepsen
Funding UCD School of Economics PhD scholarship
Ms Manvi Jindal 
Research Interests Microeconomics and public policy 
Thesis Title Application of the framework of preferential treatment all-pay auction and contest theory
Supervisor Prof Vessela Daskalova
Co-Supervisor Prof Ivan Pastine 
Funding UCD School of Economics PhD scholarship

Ms Neeharika Kakunuri 
Research Interests  Development Economics, Macroeconomics and Political Economy
Thesis Title Estimating the socio economic impact of Partisan Politics across Asia and Europe
Supervisor Dr Frank Walsh
Funding BDIC Scholarship


Mr Panteleimon Karamalis
Research Interests Macroeconomics; Banking; Fiscal Policy and Taxation; Monetary Economics; Finance 
Thesis Title The effect of taxation on the financing and credit decisions of firms and households 
Supervisor Dr Yota Deli 
Funding UCD School of Economics PhD scholarship 

Mr Noor Khoso
Research Interests International Trade and Global Income Inequality
Thesis Title Does Trade Openness causes Global Income Inequality? 
Supervisor Dr Zuzanna Studnicka
Funding Beijing Dublin International College (BDIC) Scholarship 

Mr Zilong Li
Research Interests International Economics; Trade; Finance 
Thesis Title Revisiting the border effect 
Supervisor Professor Zuzanna Studnicka
Funding China Scholarship Council (CSC)


Ms Lucie Martin
Research Interests Behavioural Economics 
Thesis Title Behavioural Economics, Administrative Burden, and Inequality
Supervisor Joint Supervisors: Dr Orla Doyle (UCD School of Economics) and Prof Liam
Delaney (LSE Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science)
Funding UCD School of Economics Scholarship


Ms Himani Pasricha
Research Interests Migration, Climate Change and Labour Market Outcomes
Thesis Title Essays in Labour Economics 
Supervisor Dr Frank Walsh
Funding BDIC Scholarship


Ms Diane Pelly
Research Interests Labour economics; Wellbeing measurement; Productivity; Cost-benefit analysis; Behavioural Economics; Flexible working 
Thesis Title The economic case for Worker Wellness Programmes: are they really worth the investment? 
Joint Supervisors

Dr Orla Doyle, UCD School of Economics and Professor Liam Delaney, London School of Economics

Funding IRC Government of Ireland Scholarship 

Mr Mark Regan
Research Interests Applied microeconomics, labour economics 
Thesis Title Essays in labour economics 
Supervisor Prof Paul Devereux 
Funding Economic and Social Research Institute Scholarship 


Mr Manuel Estevo Lago Rodriguez
Research Interests Gender Economics, Experimental Economics, Social Economics, Behavioural Economics 
Thesis Title Going beyond the media in the era of #MeToo: causality and driving mechanisms of gender social movements
Supervisor Orla Doyle
Funding UCD School of Economics Scholarship


Mr Johannes Scheuerer
Research Interests FDI, International Trade, Applied Microeconometrics
Thesis Title Essays on Trade, Foreign Direct Investment and Inequality in Space
Supervisor Prof Ronald B Davies
Funding UCD School of Economics Scholarship

Ms Yishan Shi
Research Interests education economics,development economics
Thesis Title Intergenerational mobility in education and economic transformation in Africa 
Supervisor Prof Kevin Denny
Funding China Scholarship Council

Ms Lena Susanne Specht
Research Interests International Trade and FDI
Thesis Title Essays in International Trade and Migration
Supervisor Prof Ronald Davies
Funding BDIC Scholarship 

Ms Prachi Srivastava
Research Interests Expectations, uncertainty, Bounded rationality in Macroeconomics
Thesis Title Expectations, Uncertainty in Monetary Policy
Supervisor Prof Karl Whelan
Funding BDIC Scholarship 

Mr Gennadiy Sudak
Research Interests taxation, tax burden, behavioral finance
Thesis Title The impact of Effective Tax Burden on Individual Consumption and Savings in Post-Communist Countries
Supervisor Dr Nora Strecker
Funding UCD School of Economics PhD Scholarship 

Mr Kun Wu
Research Interests Welfare and Family Economics, Family Formation; Ageing and Retirement Wealth; Insurance Role of Family; Pension.
Thesis Title The Differential Wealth Effect of Family Formation in Retirement
Supervisor Prof Kevin Denny 
Funding China Scholarship Council 


Ms Le Zheng
Research Interests Macroeconomics; Banking; Fiscal Policy; Monetary Policy; Forecasting; Financial economics
Thesis Title The Impact of Macroeconomic Changes on Capital Allocation Efficiency: Evidence from China 
Supervisor Dr Constantin Burgi
Funding Self-funded


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