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BSc in Social Science Joint Major, Stage 3

Joint Major, Stage 3 

Stage 3 (60 credits, of which 25 in Economics)

Please select a minimum of 15 credits from the option list below. Students on

internship or studying abroad for one trimester need 15 credits worth of level 3

modules, students remaining in UCD for the full academic year need 25 credits.

For additional information about internship and study abroad please visit: https://



ECON30100 Health Economics

ECON30150 International Money and Banking

ECON30180 Industrial Economics

ECON30270 Behavioural Economics

ECON30360 Labour Economics

ECON30400 Political Economy

ECON30410 Development Economics

ECON30520 R for Economists

FIN 30200 Econometrics of Financial Markets

ECON 30130 Econometrics

ECON30160 International Trade Economics

ECON30170 Financial Economics

ECON 30190 Public Economics

ECON30260 Transport Economics

ECON 30390 Experimental Economics: Lab Sci

ECON30430 Economics of International Finance

ECON30500 Field Experiments Social Science

ECON30550 Philosophy of Economics

You will need to take ECON30130 Econometrics in order to complete your degree. You may take this in Stage 3 or Stage 4.

Students may select modules from the following level 2 options list to fulfill their 25 credit


ECON20060 Irish Economy

ECON20080 Economic Policy Analysis

ECON20100 Game Theory

ECON20120 European Economy

ECON20130 Economic History

ECON20160 Economics of the Environment

ECON20190 Introduction to Financial Economics

DEV 20130 Sustainable Development Goals

MATH20330 Optimization for Economics

ECON20230 Economics, Organization, & Mgmt

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