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BSc in Social Science, Stage 1

BSc in Social Science, Stage One

Students who are admitted to UCD via entry route DN700 (UCD BSc in Social Sciences) and wish to continue studying economics in stage 2 as part of their degree programme must take and pass the following four Economic modules in stage 1:

            ECON10770 Introduction to Economics

            ECON 10010 Principles of Microeconomics,

            ECON 10020 Principles of Macroeconomics,

            ECON 10030 Introduction to Quantitative Economics

Please note that students who have achieved at least a grade of O3/H7 in Leaving cert Math or equivalent should take ECON10770 and ECON10030 in Autumn trimester, and ECON10010 and ECON10020 in Spring trimester.

Students who have achieved a grade less than O3/H7 in Leaving Cert Math or equivalent are recommended to take, in Autumn trimester, a level 0 Math module (MATH00010 or MST00050) that will provide them with sufficient mathematical background for them to be able to study ECON10030. These students will therefore register for ECON10770, the Math module, and ECON10030 in Autumn trimester.

Students are also welcome to take ECON10040 Economics and Society, as an option, although it is not a necessary prerequisite for progressing to Economics in stage 2. At the end of stage 1, provided they have passed all core Economics modules, students can progress to stage 2, choosing Economics as one of their joint major subjects.

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