UCD EdTECx talks - Realities of Digital Learning - 15th March 2018

The UCD EdTECx talks 2018 were themed Realities of Digital Learning. They took place on Thursday, 15 March 2018 in B005, UCD Health Sciences. They were attended by over 100 UCD staff.

The aim of the EdTECx talks is to provide a platform for faculty and teaching staff across UCD to share practice and the experience of integrating educational technologies in teaching, learning and assessment.

The EdTECx talks are jointly hosted by UCD IT Services and UCD Teaching & Learning in conjunction with the UCD network of Educational Technologists.

Our keynote address is Achieving Student Success using Brightspace presented by David Biggins, Academic Learning Designer, Centre for Excellence in Learning - Bournemouth University.

Bournemouth began their migration from Blackboard to Brightspace, UCD's new VLE, in March 2017.

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EdTECx talks


09.45 Registration
10.00 Welcome Address
10.15 Practice Exchange - Session 1

Let's Visualise What We Compute
Dr Marius Ghergu, UCD School of Mathematics and Statistics
Implementing a technological tool in a first year undergraduate Calculus module with a particular goal to enhance visualisation and connect the module concepts with a more geometrical and visual representation. The proposed technology is meant to be used by the lecturer in class during teaching activity as well as by students in preparing written projects throughout the semester.

Increasing Student Engagement in China
Dr. Annette Clancy, Quinn School of Business
Reflecting the use of Socrative (a cloud-based response system to create simple quizzes that students can take quickly on their smart phones or laptops) in a Chinese classroom. This tool seemed congruent with the wide use of apps by Chinese teenagers and the reality of their digital lives. The lecturer used Socrative to increase engagement; provide them with ‘real time’ feedback on learning; and as a guide to evaluating their own teaching style and content.

Promoting Student Engagement through Blackboard
Ms Rachel Howe, UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems
Developing and enhancing module content in preparation for the roll out of the new B.Sc. Children's and General Nursing Curriculum, 2018. The lecturer flipped the classroom, developed formative quiz assessments and introduced a new case study summative assignment all within Blackboard to enhance student engagement.

11.15 Coffee
11.45 Practice Exchange - Session 2

Digital Learning in Law
Dr Cliona Kelly & Dr Niamh Howlin, Sutherland School of Law
An overview of recent digital learning innovations in the School of Law. These include: the use of online quizzes and online plagiarism exercises; encouraging students to curate Twitter accounts; the use of student-created videos as learning tools. The presenters will reflect on the opportunities and also the challenges facing lecturing staff who wish to incorporate digital learning

Realities of Creating a Virtual Patient for Undergraduate Nursing Students
Mr Philip Hardie & Dr Catherine Redmond, UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems
Designing and creating a virtual patient from its infancy to completion including budget, human resources, designing, mapping, filming, development and final production.

Implementing a Large-Scale eLearning and Certification Programme with Stage 1 B.Comm. Students
Dr John McCallig, Quinn School of Business & Mr Michael Hackett, UCD IT Services
Designing and implementing challenges of a large-scale elearning and certification programme. This programme was introduced as a component of a personal development module for Stage 1 BComm students in semester 1 2017/18. Its design involved choosing elearning materials, developing learning outcomes and assessments and planning student progression while its implementation involved learning and implementing software systems, documenting these systems, providing technical support, and communication with students. Other challenges included co-ordinating the logistics of certification and providing access to the module for everybody. The talk will conclude with an assessment of learning outcomes from the component and a review of student feedback.

12.45 Lunch
13.45 Short presentations from UCD Educational Technologists
Chair: Mr Thomas Aherne, Educational Technologist, UCD School of Education

Let your Students Teach themselves with Google Forms
Mr. Eoin McEvoy, UCD School of Irish, Celtic Studies and Folklore
Using Google Forms to provide formative assessment opportunities for students- using Google Forms to create "reusable learning objects" so that our students can practise the skill of transcription: create an object once and it can be used with thousands of students in different cohorts over consecutive semesters

Nurturing Creative, Innovative and Entrepreneurial Mindset anytime, anywhere
Mr. Bruno Marcorio, UCD Innovation Academy
10 very interactive eChallenges to help UCD students navigate through the different aspects of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship such as empathy/customer discovery, ideation, prototyping/MVPs, experimenting, business modeling and pitching

Universal Design for Learning and the Future VLE
Mr. Niall Flaherty, Quinn School of Business
Are your Blackboard modules cluttered? Are you wondering how the move from Blackboard to D2L BrightSpace will affect your modules? We'll have a look at some Universal Design principles for learning and instruction and how they might be used to improve the presentation of content in our Future Virtual Learning Environment.

Enhancing your Teaching Practice with Technology
Ms. Eva Kilar-Magdziarz, UCD Teaching & Learning
An overview of the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) consultations currently offered by UCD Teaching and Learning, outlining the common themes that have arisen to date from Faculty across UCD and the subsequent development of pedagogically focused resources and support available.

14.15 Keynote Introduction & Chair
14.30 Keynote: Achieving Student Success using Brightspace
15.15 Future VLE - Questions & Answers
15:30 Close


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