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TEL All Webinar Series

TEL All Webinar Series 2023

This year's TEL All webinar series will also take place online with various webinars from April 2023 to October 2023. Book your spot here:http://bit.ly/bookTELAll. 

The lunch-time webinars will be delivered by School based Educational Technologists who will share their pedagogical and technical expertise and offer some practical and hand-on advice. More details below.


Date & Time 


Wednesday 19th April 1pm-2pm Concept Mapping: A creative, cognitive & collaborative tool for teaching and learning 
Wednesday 24th May 1pm-2pm Flexible Brightspace! 

Thursday 31st August 1pm-2pm 

Collaborative Tools for Flexible Learning 

Tuesday 19th Sept        1pm- 2pm Answering the ‘Online’ Call
Thursday 5th Oct 1pm - 2pm

The world of YuJa!

Outline of the TEL All Webinars

See below for a more detailed description on each of the webinars.

Webinar 1: Concept Mapping: A creative, cognitive & collaborative tool for teaching and learning Wednesday 19th April 1-2pm 

This session will explore the opportunities this tool provides for both learners and teachers, highlighting benefits for inclusive learning and engagement. Practice examples will be discussed along with a demonstration.There are a great number of these tools available for use, each having a variety of options re: inbuilt visualisation tools and usage rights, part of the presentation will offer highlights on a number of these including; Coggle, Cmap, Bubbl.us, MindMeister, Freemind etc

Webinar 2: Flexible Brightspace! Wednesday 24th May 1pm-2pm

This webinar will look at some advanced functionality within Brightspace including the use of release conditions, intelligent agents and how to create flexible assessments. This webinar will be of particular interest to any module coordinator who is looking for ways to leverage some advanced Brightspace functionality within their modules. 

Webinar 3: Collaborative Tools for Flexible Learning Thursday 31st August 1pm-2pm 

This webinar will look at various collaborative tools available to staff and students within UCD such as Poll Everywhere, Jamboard, Zoom Whiteboard etc and cover some real life examples of their use in UCD

Webinar 4: Answering the ‘Online’ Call Tuesday 19th Sept 1pm- 2pm

In order to meet the demand from students for more flexibility in learning experiences, the Smurfit Graduate Business School made the decision to develop its first fully online programme, the MSc in Management (part-time), due to launch in September 2023. This webinar will explore the transition of the programme from traditional face-to-face to online delivery, exploring the opportunities (and challenges!) that presented themselves during the development of the programme.

Webinar 5: The world of YuJa! Thurs 5th October 13:00 - 14:00

This webinar will showcase the functionalities of YuJa, an Enterprise Video Content Management solution, including uploading, editing, and sharing video content. Additionally, the webinar will highlight the platform's interactive video features, such as video quizzes, that can enhance the learning experience for students. This webinar will be of particular interest to module coordinators who want to incorporate media content into Brightspace modules.

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