Professor Judith Harford hosts an Irish Research Council-funded symposium on gender equality in higher education at the Royal Irish Academy


Names are as follows (left to right):Dr Dara Fitzgerald, Executive Director, Fulbright Commission Ireland; Prof Tanya Fitzgerald, La Trobe University, Australia; Prof Jane O' Dea, University of Lethbridge, Canada; Prof Pat O' Connor, University of Limerick, Ireland; Dr Marianne Coleman, University College London, Institute of Education; Tristan Aitken, HR Director, University College Dublin; Prof Carol Taylor, University of Bath, UK; Minister Mary Mitchell O' Connor; Professor Colin Scott, University College Dublin; Professor Judith Harford, University College Dublin; Professor Kathleen Lynch, University College Dublin


The names are as follows (left to right): Minister Mary Mitchell O' Connor, Professor Judith Harford and Professor Colin Scott