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Heart Mind Body

This cluster is concerned with a holistic approach to human development, cognitive, social, emotional and academic. It is concerned with understanding factors which facilitate and enhance human development and also with identifying factors which can potentially impede such development.  It explores a range of disabilities and additional educational needs, with a view to promoting the inclusive education of persons presenting with additional educational needs. It is concerned with the initial education and continuing professional development needs of educational psychologists, mainstream teachers and teachers who support pupils with additional educational needs.  It is concerned with resourcing schools appropriately to respond to additional educational needs. It also focuses on organising schools to accommodate diversity, whether that diversity is related to ability, gender, language, culture or to other personal or social factors.  It explores parent–professional relationships and child-professional relationships and the rights of children to have a voice in relation to assessment, interventions and decisions made about them. 

Key words: Educational psychology, providing for additional educational needs, Social emotional well-being and development, inclusive education, organising schools to accommodate diversity, ethical professional practice.

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