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Until relatively recently, teaching tended to be discussed and researched as a separate entity from student learning, while similarly separate literatures tended to exist on leadership, educational change and large scale systemic reforms, including policy shifts. Research in this cluster is committed to recognising the interactive and dynamic inter-dependency between these moving parts of the education system. Through various research endeavours we seek to capture thenthem/this? in action. The purpose of documenting these elements of the education  system in action  is to gain  additional insight, understanding and expertise in how  to lead schools in changing times, thus systematically building knowledge bases for the purposes  of supporting and  sustaining various transformations in pedagogy, curriculum content and the manner in which various leadership strategies may be deployed within schools as organisations to render them more exciting places of  teaching, learning and leading for  students and adults alike. 

Key words: pedagogy, teaching, learning, leading, Initial teacher education, student teacher identity, change, reform, transformation, policy, mentoring, continuing professional development.

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