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Rights, Equalities and Social Justice

Rights, Equalities and Social Justice

This cluster explores schooling and education through the lens of children’s and youth’s voices and perspectives and experiences. A key focus is identifying dynamics of power, in/equalities and the realization of social justice in and through education.   The impact of schooling on different groups of children is explored through the intersectional influence of age, social class, gender, ethnicity, dis/ability and sexualities within particular settings, and across life-course and life-span perspectives.  Central to the analysis are children’s rights as articulated in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and viewing children as active competent contributors to schools and society. Educating children and young people to be critically reflective, autonomous persons is also a key focus.  Research in this cluster also focuses on practices (pedagogical, institutional/cultural and policy related) by parents, teachers, school leaders and policy leaders that contribute to and/or detract from the realization of children’s and youth’s well-being, rights and social justice in education. 

Key words: Children’s rights,  voice and recognition, social justice and equality, participation, identities, power,  ethics, well-being,  belonging and inclusion.

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