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Optical Engineering

We are based in the UCD School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering. The Group is headed up by Prof. John T. Sheridan and currently consists of one postdoctoral researcher, eight research postgraduate students and one visiting researcher.

Research topics investigated by the Group have included

  1. Fundamentals and applications of optics
  2. Optical encryption
  3. Refractive melted microlens arrays
  4. Holographic materials, holographic optical elements and holographic data storage
  5. Optical metrology including confocal microscopy and holographic interferometry
  6. The theory and application of speckle: Speckle photography and interferometry
  7. Solar light concentrators, biomimetic energy conversion and dye sensitised solar cells (DSSCs)

Fiber Bragg Gratings, A. Larkin, (2003)

Holographic and Refractive Micro-optical Elements, F. T. O’Neill (2003)

Optical signal Processing, B. M. Hennelly (2004). 

Optical Metrology, D. Kelly (2006)

Holographic Materials, J. V. Kelly (2006)

Kinetics of Photopolymers, M. Gleeson (2008)

Optical Encryption, D. S. Monaghan (2009)

Speckle Control and Imaging through Turbulence, J. E. Ward (2009)

Linear Canonical Transforms and Optical Signal Processing, J. J. Healy (2010)

Photopolymer Materials and Dyes, S. Liu (2010)

Biomedical and Biopharmaceutical Optics, J. Ryle (2010)

Holographic Data Storage, C. E. Close (2012)

Dr F. O’Neill (Microlenses, Holography and Metrology 03-05)

Dr A. Larkin (LED Street Lighting, 04)

Dr J. Lawrence (DFB Organic Lasers, 03)

Dr U. Gopinathan (Optical Signal Processing, 05-07)

Dr G. Situ (Digital Holography and Optical Encryption 06)

Dr M. Gleeson (photopolymers, Bayer Material Science, 08-10)

Dr James Ryles, (Biomedical and biopharmaceutical applications of LEDS, 10-11)

Enterprise Ireland

Science Foundation Ireland


The Irish Canadian Fund

The Optical Society of America

The International Optical Engineering Society (SPIE)

Bayer Material Science

Professor Sheridan acts as academic advisor to the UCD joint OPTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA (OSA) --http://www.osa.org/ --and INTERNATIONAL OPTICAL ENGINEERING SOCIETY (SPIE) -- http://spie.org/  --Student Chapters (2004-present).

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