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Page updated 10 November 2022

Policy on working from home

The Remote Working during COVID-19 Outbreak Policy is an emergency policy developed to provide guidance and information on available supports during the Covid-19 outbreak. These emergency measures came into effect at 6pm on 12th of March and will be in place until further notice from the UMT.

The policy provides further information on working hours and flexibility, managing absences related to COVID-19, mental health and wellbeing, health and safety and data security.

Read the policy now on the Governance Document Library

Holding successful video meetings

Regardless of your platform, applying a few key principles will ensure your meetings are as productive as possible.

Time is valuable, be clear about what you're trying to achieve

Think about what you want to achieve from the meeting, don’t just assume that running your usual meeting agenda will work. Round table discussions can be difficult to manage so consider asking participants to send comments in beforehand and then direct the discussion by asking individuals to explain or expand their point.

Wear work appropriate clothing

Park the PJ's, ditch the tracksuit and keep it professional while you're on the call.

For a bit of fun, take a break from casual wear and try having an official #formalfriday meeting.

Choose a suitable background and avoid conversational cul de sac's

Would you like to make your own? Try our Editable UCD background for Zoom (opens in PowerPoint)

Don't get sidetracked. Complex or unrelated issues are bound to arise in the couse of the meeting but these should be parked and then discussed in a separte meeting before coming back to the group (if necessary).

'Ronan Keating' rule

You say it best when you say nothing at all. It's generally advisable to stay muted until it is your turn to contribute. This will also take care of unwanted backgroud noises (we know the schools are closed).

A free for all will result in everyone talking over everyone else, stopping, repeating and generally getting frustrated. Keep it simple and go round the table, emphasising the need for a quick update. Let everyone know that there will be time at the end for (relevant) questions or clarifications.

Take it to the next level

Consider using the screen share option to introduce an element of interaction to the proceedings. There are a large variety of free applications to boost interactivy and some of the tools we've used successfuly are*:

*Never use your UCD password when creating an account on a non-UCD platform.


Everybody likes Zoom but there's always one....

People, companies, and outlets have shared stories of unwanted intruders in, primarily, public Zoom meetings. 'Zoombombing' with inappropriate, abusive or racist material has emerged as an issue so it's a good idea to take some precautions if you are the host, regardless of the platform you're using.

  • Avoid using your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) to host public events.
  • Don't post meeting links on social media....obviously.
  • The host should generally be the only one allowed share a screen.
  • The host should learn how to mute or remove participants
  • The host should make use of the 'meeting room' (or equivalent) to review participants.
  • Only allow signed-in users to join.
  • While it can have it's uses, consider disabling private chat.......you know we can see you reading those messages right?.......
  • Don't screen-share sensitive information. Make sure you know what's open on your desktop before you  share it with the rest of the group.
  • For users, ask if the host is recording the call, and then double check this yourself. In Zoom, if you see a small red dot, then yes, the call is being recorded.

For a very detailed run-down on using Zoom securely please visit IT Services (Security article).

Staying Engaged

Working from home shouldn't mean losing touch with colleagues and teams across UCD. Culture & Engagement, together with their partners, have a range of offline engagement activities to keep you motivated and in touch with your colleagues on our .

Many UCD employees are working remotely for the first time in isolation from co-workers and it is important to maintain a regular schedule. Learn more about minding your mental health on the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion website.

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