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UCD Staff Photography Club

Welcome to the home of the UCD Staff Photography Club. The Club aims to provide a relaxed and welcoming setting for staff to learn more about photography, share their photos and develop their skills. Membership is open to any staff member with an interest in photography, regardless of skill level. You won't need a 'fancy' camera and we'll try as much as possible to tailor monthly challenges to camerphone users as well as SLR owners.

Meeting format

The Club meets once a month, at lunchtime (1-2pm) on a Wednesday. As we are in the early stages of the Club, we don't have a regular home so if you'd like to keep up do date on times and locations of meetings then join our email list by contacting

Generally the meetings include discussions, an activity and a review of the month's challenge.

Media and photo galleries

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What does the club do?

At the meeting to establish the Club, a brain-storming session identified some topics the members would like to cover and you can see these below.

  • Understanding how cameras work
  • Getting the most from your phone
  • Exhibitions / Competitions / monthly challenges
  • Expert speakers
  • Advice on equipment (cameras, lenses, flashes etc)
  • Equipment rental / use
  • Studio photography
  • Post production / editing your photos (Insta, PS, etc.)
  • Printing your photos
  • 'Show and tell' sessions
  • Try before you buy (members bring in cameras for others to try out, without a salesperson present)

Club Committee 2019

  • Paul Fitzgerald
  • Julie Freeman
  • Sinead McGowan
  • James Molloy
  • Mark Crowley


Slides on Shutter Speed

Staff Photo Club - James Molloy slides