Engage@ucd - Employee Engagement Event

Image of the engage@ucd.ie logo

Staff setting up their stands on the morning of the event.

UCD staff preparing their stan‌ds for the first visitors of the day at the Engagment Event.

Image of seminar on planting at the engagement day

Dr Caroline Elliott Kingston takes the mystery out of plant growing and shows that everyone can be ‘green-fingered’ with just a little knowledge.

Staff identify clubs they would like to see in UCD

Staff discuss the kind of clubs they would like to see at the 'Employee Clubs & Societies' stand

The UCD Community Choir perform at the Engagement Event

The UCD Community Choir entertain their colleagues at lunch in the main auditorium.

Staff browsing book stalls at the engagement event

Staff browse the book stalls in the conservatory.

Seminar slideshows for download

Offers arisisng from the Engagement Event

Affinity Advisors

A mortgage is the single biggest financial transactions most of us will enter into in our lifetime.  Therefore, it is essential that we are educated fully regarding all of our options and how to best avail of them.   The wrong decision could cost you thousands so independent market wide advice and education are key with so many any offers available in the market. We will provide two educational workshops regarding the mortgage market. Where required we will provide UCD personnel with FREE support throughout their mortgage journey and with any issues they currently face with their mortgage.


HealthCheck at Beacon Hospital

Beacon HealthCheck is a comprehensive health screening programme for both men and women. We have an experienced multi-disciplinary team of medical professionals, all with access to the latest in diagnostic technology. Health screening is a proactive approach to your own personal wellbeing.

Our screening tests are designed to assist with identifying and reducing life altering health risks such as Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer and Diabetes. Following your Beacon HealthCheck our experts will provide you with the recommendations necessary to achieve a healthier lifestyle. You will leave with a full understanding of your health requirements and any lifestyle changes which may be needed. We are the only Health Screening to offer same day results.

Beacon Hospital are delighted to provide all UCD staff a 20% discount on a full HealthCheck at Beacon Hospital. Appointments must be booked by 30/04/2018 to avail of this discount. Please quote “UCD Staff” when booking.


Total Health Cover

The only intermediary in Ireland dealing exclusively in healthcare benefits (health insurance, dental, vision-care, cash plans). We review cover for individuals and employers to help them source the best products at the lowest cost covering all 325 plans across VHI, Laya & Irish Life Health.  All services are provided on a fee basis which ensures the best advance at all times. For all UCD employees, there is a 24% reduction in our standard fee, reducing the cost to €95.  Dermot Goode will be running two seminars on the day to give an overview of the market and how to save money on your health insurance costs.