Publication of Summerwater

by Sarah Moss

We are delighted to announce that Summerwater, Sarah Moss's seventh novel, will be published by Picador in August 2020. The novel set in the Scottish Highlands over one day is a searing exploration of our capacity for both kinship and cruelty in these divided times. It is available for pre-order here.

Sharp, searching, thoroughly imagined, it is utterly of the moment, placing its anxious human dots against a vast indifferent landscape; with its wit and verve and beautiful organisation it throws much contemporary writing into the shade!

Hilary Mantel


Sarah Moss is the author of six novels, Ghost Wall (Granta, 2018), The Tidal Zone (Granta, 2016), Signs for Lost Children (Granta, 2015), Bodies of Light (Granta, 2014), Night Waking (Granta, 2011) and Cold Earth (Granta, 2009).  She wrote a memoir of a year in Iceland, Names for the Sea, published by Granta in 2012 and also shortlisted for the RSL Ondaatje Prize. She joined the staff of UCD's School of English, Drama and Film in May 2020.

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