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Neurodiversity Courses

Neurodiversity Courses

Course Features

  • A programme for professionals with a special interest in neurodiversity.
  • A professional certificate which can build towards a professional diploma.
  • Designed for those who work in any setting such as clinical practice, education or the workplace.
  • Delivered by experienced practitioners and University faculty.Supports ongoing professional development.

Course Overview

This programme aims to equip participants with enhanced competence and understanding of neurodiversity. The complex way in which interactions either impede or positively influence individuals’ strengths and societal participation is examined.  The programme seeks to enhance understanding of neurodevelopmental conditions as reflecting ‘neurological diversity’ and highlight multi-layered approaches to optimise outcomes across society.  

To achieve this, the programme, across two distinct yet interlinked modules, explores contemporary neurobiological, psychological, educational and occupational viewpoints. This enables participants to gain a more nuanced perspective of neurodiversity informed by current theoretical frameworks and evolving scientific knowledge..  Participants may pursue one module – PSYC40340 Understanding Neurodiversity - (10 ECTS) to gain a professional certificate or two modules (20 ECTS) PSYC40340 plus PSYC40330 Neurodiversity in Society to achieve a professional diploma.

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