Dignity & Respect Policy and Procedure


The University Management Team (UMT) established a Working Group late last year to review the University’s Dignity and Respect Policy and Procedure. We as a University are committed to providing an environment in which all members of our community should expect to be able to thrive and to be respected and valued for their unique perspectives and contributions so that they can achieve their fullest potential.

Moreover, the aim of the review is to reassert our commitment to the promotion of a culture for work and study which upholds the dignity and respect of the individual and which supports the individual’s right to study and/or work in an environment which is free from discrimination. This includes any form of bullying, sexual harassment or other forms of harassment.

The members of this Working Group are as follows:

  • Professor Colin Scott (Chair)
  • Professor Tom Bolger
  • Professor Joe Brady
  • Julian Bostridge
  • Rory Carey
  • Professor Barbara Dooley
  • Professor Dympna Devine
  • Dr Majella Fahy
  • Lynn Foster
  • Ruth Harrison
  • Sharon Bailey
  • Róisín Ní Mhara (SU)
  • Aisling O’Grady
  • Grace Connolly
  • Michael Flanagan


The consultation process, involving a cross-section of the UCD community, has now been completed. The policies / guidelines below which have emerged from the consultation process will come into effect in autumn 2017.