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EDI Policy & Strategy Launch

UCD Equality Diversity & Inclusion Policy and Strategy

Page updated: 5 January 2022

On 4th March 2019, UCD launched its new Equality Diversity & Inclusion Policy and Equality Diversity and Inclusion Strategy & Action Plan.   

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy was reviewed to reflect the enhanced inclusive culture that now exists within the University community, where diversity is valued and embraced and equality of opportunity is promoted. This policy sets out the EDI principles that UCD will abide by in the undertaking of all of its activities. We want to ensure that employees and students can thrive in UCD, being able to participate fully in their work and study, in a respectful environment where they can reach their full potential. This policy goes beyond legislative requirements and includes the adoption of socio-economic status as a tenth University equality ground.  Mainstreaming Equality, Diversity and Inclusion into all of our policies, practices and decision-making is one of our core objectives, which is supported through the appointment of Vice-Principals for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in our Colleges. I am pleased to see that five Vice-Principals have now been appointed.  These roles are instrumental in enhancing our inclusive culture further and supporting the delivery of the EDI strategy.

UCD’s equality, diversity and inclusion strategy sets out six strategic objectives and the actions that will be taken to achieve each, including measures of success over the course of the next seven years. These objectives were developed in alignment with the University strategy, particularly Strategic Objective 5 “To attract and retain and excellent and diverse cohort of Students, Faculty and Staff” and Strategic Objective 7 “To develop and strengthen our University Community” and our University values, particularly diversity. This strategy will be reviewed in 2020 to ensure it remains aligned with the new University strategy once it is finalised.

Professor Andrew Deeks, President

'Our vision for EDI is to be a leader and role model in equality and diversity in the higher education sector nationally and internationally, and for EDI to be at the heart of all we do.' This is the vision statement in UCD's new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy, adopted in May 2018. This policy commits the University to the creation of an environment in which all members of the University community should expect to be able to thrive, be respected and have a real opportunity to participate in and contribute to University activities so that they can achieve their full potential.

Professor Colin Scott, Vice-President for Equality Diversity and Inclusion

The new EDI Policy can be downloaded from the University Governance Website.

The new EDI Strategy and Action Plan can be downloaded by clicking on this link: EDI Strategy and Action Plan 2018 - 2020 - 2025.

EDI Policy Launch - Speakers 

Pictured at the launch event: Martin Shanahan, CEO of IDA Ireland; Marie O'Connor, Chair of UCD Governing Authority; President Andrew Deeks; Marcellina Fogarty, EDI Manager; Professor Colin Scott, VP for EDI; Professor Judith Harford, Vice-Principal for EDI for the College of Social Sciences & Law 

Audience in Global Lounge 

Pictured at the launch event: audience members awaiting the speeches in the Global Lounge, UCD

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