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Equality Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education (EDI in HE) e-Learning Programme 

Page Updated: 20th July 2022 

The EDI in HE e-Learning programme is an interactive tailored online resource that aims to provide UCD employees with an awareness of key equality and diversity topics in a University context, and will complement future EDI awareness raising programmes, events and initiatives. This interactive modular learning tool will enable employees to consider and reflect on the part they play in building an inclusive culture in UCD. It features intuitive user-friendly navigation throughout five core content modules and each section contains video and multimedia stories and scenarios, interactive quizzes and online instant assessments to offer participants valuable feedback on their learning.

Access the programme on Learn Upon (register with your UCD email address)


The Programme consists of four modules, each of 30-45 minutes duration, which can be completed either as an entire programme, or as a series of modules allowing participants to build up their knowledge over time at their own pace.

  • Module 1 "Introduction to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion": an introductory module providing a comprehensive overview of the importance and benefits of EDI and Human Rights and the legal landscape in which HEIs operate. 
  • Module 2 "Recruitment and Selection": this module is essential for any employee involved in the selection process (preparing job descriptions, advertising, interviewing etc.)
  • Module 3 "Meeting the Needs of Diverse Students in Teaching and Learning Settings": this module looks at meeting the needs of diverse students and outlines best practice tips on fostering equality in teaching and learning settings (e.g. on the curriculum or whilst dealing with sensitive topics)
  • Module 4 "Putting Policy into Practice": this module provides advice on how to bring EDI to life and on how to do an equality impact assessment, with particular focus on the areas of event management, disability, dignity and respect, race equality and gender identity.  

"Let's Talk About Race in the Higher Education Sector" eLearning Module

UCD is committed to addressing racism and discrimination and strives to create a culture where these behaviours are not tolerated. The module "Let's Talk about Race in the Higher Education Sector" aims to raise awareness amongst university employees about racism, systemic inequalities and unconscious bias in higher education. Through contributions from experts and testimonials from those who have experienced systemic racism, this module will help employees understand racial bias so that they can take action to address it. Guidance for employees and leadership and further resources are also available as part of the module.

Access the programme on Learn Upon (register with your UCD email address)

The “Let’s Talk about Race…” module is part of a wider campaign to combat racism and discrimination in UCD. If you would like to find out more or contribute more actively in this area, you can take part in UCD’s anti-racism campaign and follow the work of the Race & Ethnic Equality Working Group and EDI Multicultural Subgroup

If you need to report a racist incident occurred in UCD, you have a range of formal and informal options and supports:

Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing of Employees – online training

To help people managers and colleagues have conversations on mental health and signpost supports the UCD Mental Health and Wellbeing Steering Group have developed a bespoke UCD course. This 30 minute course is available on line and can be accessed via our training platform LearnUpon. Please follow the link and create an account. The course aims to help end stigma around mental health, encourage those with mental health difficulties to come forward and to give confidence to people managers and colleagues to engage and support people through signposting to relevant supports.

Unconscious Bias 

Visit our page on Inclusive Recruitment Training Bundle to find out how it can impact our decision-making and actions. You will find some definitions and links to useful resources such as slides, video clip and articles. 

UCD EDI are currently offering Unconscious Bias Awareness Training to all employees (Being Aware of Our Biases) as well as for members of interview panels who attended the UCD Interview Skills Training. Find out more and register for a session in 2022-23:

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an e-learning portfolio of thousands of courses and tutorials taught by experts in creative and business skills. It supplements face-to-face and live virtual learning and provides an opportunity for UCD employees to deepen their knowledge on a number of topics of interest by accessing online video courses in their own time and at their own pace.

To learn more about LinkedIn Learning in UCD, visit the People and Organisation Development website

EDI have compiled a collection of LinkedIn learning courses on equality and inclusion. To access LinkedIn Learning you will need to log in with your UCD Connect username and password. 

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Content includes:

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging 
  • Skills for Inclusive Conversations 
  • Communicating Across Cultures 
  • Unconscious Bias 
  • Be humble: Inclusive Mindset Practices 
  • Bystander vs. Upstander 
  • Diversity without Inclusion; Inclusion without Diversity 
  • How to Be More Inclusive
  • Managing Introverts

How to Engage Meaningfully in Allyship and Anti-Racism

Content includes:

  • Driving Change and Anti-Racism 
  • Inclusive Mindset for Committee Allies 
  • Confronting Bias: Thriving Across our Differences 
  • Difficult Conversations: Talking about Race at Work 
  • Supporting Allyship and Anti-Racism at Work
  • Be an Ally 

Skills for Inclusive Recruitment

The videos and courses included in this collection will provide upskilling in the area of recruitment and hiring, and will assist you in recruiting in an inclusive way. They can be completed in sequence or separately, at your own pace. 

Content inlcudes:

  • Fair and Effective Interviewing for Diversity and Inclusion (37 mins.)
  • Diversity Recruiting (1hr 5 mins.)
  • Uncovering Unconscious Bias in Recruiting and Interviewing (51 mins.)
  • Recruiting Diverse Talent as Hiring Managers (1 hr 4 mins.)
  • Virtual Interviewing for HR (46 mins.)
  • Inclusive Interviewing Processes and Questions (3mins 49 secs.)
  • Removing Bias from Job Descriptions (3 mins. 58 secs.)
  • Removing Bias from Interviews (3 mins 44 secs.)
  • Revising the Interview Process for Neurodiversity (3 mins. 48 secs.)
  • Accommodating Neurodivergent Candidates and Employees (3 mins. 41 secs.)
  • How to Conduct a Behavioural Interview (3 mins. 57 secs.)
  • Improve the Overall Candidate Experience (4 mins. 11 secs.)

Cultural Awareness and Cross-cultural Communication 

Content includes:

  • Communicating Across Cultures
  • Developing Cross-cultural Intelligence
  • Cross-cultural Communication within Teams
  • Collaborating Across Cultures
  • Giving Feedback Cross-culturally
  • Cultivating Cross-cultural Awareness in a Virtual Team
  • Encourage Cross-cultural Relationship Building
  • Understand Cultural Diversity in the Workplace
  • Communication and Cultural Differences
  • Cultivating Cultural Competence and Inclusion
  • Understanding Cultural Lens as a Tool for Avoiding Mistakes
  • Communicating about Culturally Sensitive Issues
  • High vs Low Context
  • Power Distance
  • Monochronic vs Polychronic 

Mental Wellbeing at Work during Times of Change and Uncertainty

Content includes:

  • The Mindful Workday
  • Managing Anxiety in the Workplace
  • Managing Stress
  • Avoiding Burnout
  • Chair Work: Yoga Fitness and Stretching at Your Desk
  • Embracing Unexpected Change
  • Building Resilience

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