Equality, Diversity & Inclusion learning supports in UCD.

Unconscious Bias 

UCD held a national conference in Spring 2019 to explore the impact and effectiveness of Unconscious Bias Awareness Raising on the elimination of discrimination. Outputs from the conference informed a holistic approach to address conscious and unconscious biases, including embedding awareness raising as part of UCD training courses and an Unconscious Bias pilot session being delivered to senior leaders in UCD.

Visit our page on Unconscious Bias Awareness Raising here to find out more about Unconscious Bias and how it can impact on decision-making and actions. You will find some definitions and links to useful resources such as slides, video clip and articles.

Equality Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education (EDI in HE) eLearning programme 

The EDI in HE eLearning programme is an interactive tailored online resource that aims to provide UCD employees with an awareness of the key equality and diversity issues across the equality grounds in Irish legislation in a University context.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in HE (EDI in HE) is the successor programme to the original LEAD (Living Equality and Diversity Programme) programme developed by the IUA Equality Network in 2012, and it represents a continuation of the blended approach to generating mainstream employee conversation and engagement with equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights issues in all our institutions.

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Visit our page on EDI in HE eLearning programme here to find out more. 

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an e-learning portfolio of thousands of courses and tutorials taught by experts in creative and business skills. It supplements face-to-face and live virtual learning and provides an opportunity for UCD employees to deepen their knowledge on a number of topics of interest by accessing online video courses in their own time and at their own pace.

To learn more about LinkedIn Learning in UCD, visit the People and Organisation Development website

EDI have compiled a collection of LinkedIn learning courses on equality and inclusion. To access LinkedIn Learning you will need to log in with your UCD Connect username and password. 

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Divresity, Inclusion and Belonging for All

Content includes:

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (47 mins.)
  • Skills for Inclusive Conversations (53 mins.)
  • Communicating Across Cultures (32 mins.)
  • Unconscious Bias (24 mins.)
  • Be humble: Inclusive Mindset Practices (3 mins.)
  • Bystander vs. Upstander (2 mins.)
  • Diversity without Inclusion; Inclusion without Diversity (3 mins.)

How to Engage Meaningfully in Allyship and Anti-Racism

Content includes:

  • Driving Change and Anti-Racism (16 mins.)
  • Inclusive Mindset for Committee Allies (23 mins.)
  • Confronting Bias: Thriving Across our Differences (40 mins.)
  • Difficult Conversations: Talking about Race at Work (16 mins.)
  • Be an Ally (4 mins.)


Mental Wellbeing at Work during Times of Change and Uncertainty

Content includes:

  • The Mindful Workday
  • Managing Anxiety in the Workplace
  • Managing Stress
  • Avoiding Burnout
  • Chair Work: Yoga Fitness and Stretching at Your Desk
  • Embracing Unexpected Change
  • Building Resilience