Equality Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education (EDI in HE) eLearning programme 

The EDI in HE eLearning programme is an interactive tailored online resource that aims to provide UCD employees with an awareness of the key equality and diversity issues across the equality grounds in Irish legislation in a University context.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in HE (EDI in HE) is the successor programme to the original LEAD (Living Equality and Diversity Programme) programme developed by the IUA Equality Network in 2012, and it represents a continuation of the blended approach to generating mainstream employee conversation and engagement with equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights issues in all our institutions.

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The purpose of the EDI in HE eLearning programe is:

the use of this interactive and multimedia resource will enable University employees to consider and reflect on the part they play in building an inclusive culture across the University and will complement future EDI awareness raising programmes, events and initiatives.

Programme content and features

The EDI in HE Programme is a self-paced modular learning tool, which allows each participant flexibility in completing the course. The programme features an intuitive, easy to use navigation throughout five core content modules. Each section contains video and multimedia stories and scenarios, interactive quizzes and online instant assessments to offer participants valuable feedback on their learning.


The Programme consists of 4 separate modules, each of 30-45 minutes duration, which can be completed either as an entire programme, or as a series of modules allowing participants to build up their knowledge over time.

  • Module 1: an introductory module providing a comprehensive overview of the importance and benefits of EDI and Human Rights and the legal landscape in which HEI's operate. 
  • Module 2: covers Recruitment and Selection and is essential for any staff member involved in the selection process.
  • Module 3: looks at meeting the needs of diverse students and best practice tips on fostering equality in teaching and learning settings. 
  • Module 4:  looks at putting policy into practice.

Modules 1, 3 and 4 are each of 45 mins duration and contain interactive quizzes throughout to test your learning. Module 2 is a detailed standalone Recruitment and Selection Module and will take 45 mins to complete. Participants can save their progress and return at any time to complete the four modules. 

Who is the EDI in HE eLearning programme aimed at?

The EDI in HE eLearning programme programme has been designed for use by all University staff - academic, professional and support.

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About the IUA Equality Network

The IUA is the representative body for Ireland's seven Universities. Under the auspices of the IUA, the Irish Universities Equality Network was established to work collaboratively to share best practice, develop institutional competence, develop intervarsity projects and co-operation, promote an inclusive University environment and prevent discrimination on all equality grounds.

The Programme has been funded by institutional contributions, with part funding provided by the HEA through the Athena SWAN Capacity Fund.