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Talk title: Linked indicators for vital ecosystem services: actionable indicators for food-energy-water ecosystem services

Link to presentation pdf: Louise Gallagher UCD ESManage talk 24/07/2015


Louise is an environmental economist with broad range of experience in policy analysis, market transformation and environmental finance. Her technical expertise includes valuation of natural capital and environmental externalities and applying this information in decision-making. She holds a PhD in Environmental Studies specializing in environmental economics and policy from University College Dublin. Louise joined WWF in the Greater Mekong to lead the development of green economy in the regional programme in 2012.

She joined the Luc Hoffmann Institute to work globally on linking the best available science to better policy planning and more effective field practices in conservation. Previously she has worked for United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), UN Convention on Combating Desertification (UNCCD), the UK Environment Agency, and New Forests Asia Ltd.

Louise’s research interests lie in environmental governance and how environmental economics theory and analysis methods contribute to improved public policy in practice, including environmental and land use policy.

Dr Louise Gallagher


Luc Hoffman Institute

Geneva, Switzerland

24 July 2015


Isabelle Durance

Talk title: Challenges in linking freshwater biodiversity to ecosystem services

Link to presentation pdf:


Following a degree in Natural Sciences and a Masters in Engineering (Ingenieur Agronome, Agrotech Paris), Isabelle worked in Research & Development in an industrial context (Danone Belgium). She then embarked on a PhD in Landscape Ecology working in Ukraine and France, and developed her research increasingly using freshwater ecosystems as a model during a 10 year lectureship in France (Rouen).

With the support of the Daphne Jackson charity, a charity established to help women back into science, Isabelle obtained 3 independent research fellowships after her career break, before being recently awarded a senior lectureship in Cardiff School of Biosciences.

Over the past 5 years in Cardiff, Isabelle has had the chance to contribute to academic and public life through involvement in:

Currently Isabelle also leads 2 interdisciplinary initiatives, the Duress project and the Cardiff Water URI.

Dr Isabelle Durance


Organisms & Environment Division

Director of the Water Research Institute

Cardiff School of Biosciences, Cardiff University, Cardiff, United Kingdom

ESManage Workshop

31 August 2015


Martin McGarrigle

Talk title: Pressures on Irish freshwater resources: present and future 

Link to presentation pdf: ‌Martin_McGarrigle_ESManage_Workshop_Aug31_2015


Martin is an environmental scientist with wide ranging experience especially in the area of aquatic ecology. He undertook biological monitoring of rivers for over 30 years, in the west of Ireland in particular, and clocking up over 10,000 individual assessments based on Q-Values for macroinvertebrates.  Martin also previously managed the national river and lake monitoring programme for a number of years while working for the Environmental Protection Agency. He established national standards for nutrients in rivers - heading up the research that underpins the Phosphorus Regulations of 1998; also the more recent SI 272 of 2009 that sets the standards for the Water Framework Directive in Ireland. The standards are underpinned by empirical statistical analyses of biology v chemistry interactions and extensive mathematical modelling of the impact of eutrophication on rivers. Martin also carried out research in Remote Sensing of lake water quality obtaining a Masters Degree in Experimental Physics in the late 1980s.

Now living in County Mayo in the West of Ireland Martin provides expertise in any or all of the above areas - active monitoring or data analytics research on environmental (or other) datasets.

Mr Martin McGarrigle


Limnos Consultancy

Castlebar, Co Mayo

ESManage Workshop

31 August 2015


Michael Christie

Talk title: Valuing ecosystem services 

Link to presentation pdf: ‌Mike Christie presentation


Blue Island Consulting Ltd was created by Prof Mike Christie in 2013 to provide consultancy services relating to a wide range of environmental and ecological economics research. Key clients include central government, quangos and other agencies, NGO, businesses and communities. Prof Christie works in collaboration with a range of University, Consultancy and Business Associates to deliver a bespoke solutions to environmental economic challenges. Prof Christie is a key member of the ESManage team. 

Prof. Mike Christie


Blue Island Consulting Ltd

Aberystwyth, UK. 

ESManage Workshop

31 August 2015


Talk title: Climate change and multiple stressors in agricultural streams

Link to presentation pdf: ‌‌


Jay is a leading voice in the area of multiple stressors in freshwaters and seeks to understand the ecological and evolutionary responses of freshwater ecosystems under global change, and in particular, how multiple agricultural stressors and climate change drivers interact to affect biodiversity and ecosystem function in running waters. The techniques employed in his research skills to include the taxonomy, physiology, stoichiometry and genetics of invertebrates, algae and bacteria, as well as functional measures of ecosystem processes. As well as being a Fellow at the University of Otago in New Zealand Jay also has connections with Kyoto University, Japan, Imperial College London, UK and Peking University, China. 

Dr Jeremy (Jay) Piggott


Dept. of Zoology,

University of Otago,

New Zealand

24 March 2016