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Project Overview

An overview of the funding behind FACET, the project objectives and a description of the structure of the project

Project Funding

FACET is funded under the European Commission 7th Framework programme Theme 2 food, Agriculture and Fisheries and Biotechnology, as a large collaborative project. The project will run from 2008-2012.

Project Objectives

  1. To record occurrence levels of targeted chemicals in representative regions of the EU food supply.
  2. To create a database of targeted food chemical concentrations in foods.
  3. To establish a migration modeling framework for complex packaging materials into foods under real conditions of use to deliver realistic concentration estimates for consumer exposure modeling.
  4. To construct a tiered food intake database aimed at foods which are relevant to the target food chemicals. The database will be tiered from very comprehensive data to less detailed data to reflect the existing variability in the access to, and level of detail in, food intake data.
  5. To develop a PC based, publicly available software programme, taking into account the variation of national food consumption data, which will draw on limited data, build on known laws governing food intake and in particular build on small national surveys and local knowledge to model regional intake of target foods.
  6. Finally, to build new databases, populate them with the data generated by the project and to estimate exposure assessment using a probabilistic model.
Project Overview
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