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Ancillary and Subsidiary Reporting

Ancillary and Subsidiary Reporting

This page and associated resources provide support for accountants providing financial information for Ancillary & Subsidiary Units on PBCS as part of Quarterly Outturn reporting and annual Five Year Planning. These pages are for use within the Finance Office and Ancillary and Subsidiary units. They do not provide general information for external users.

You can access the system from the following links:

The main PBCS help pages are here and include information about setting User Variables from the User Preferences card. For Ancillary and Subsidiary reporting, in order to use forms you will first need to set values for the following variable:

  • myASUnit

Forms and Reports on PBCS

The forms used for input and review, and the associated reports, are available in the Financial Planning card in PBCS. Further information is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs for Ancillary and Subsidiary Reporting are available here.

Ancillary and Subsidiary (AS) Reporting Units

Ancillary and Subsidiary units are not all set up in the same way. In some cases they are fully 'on' the main UCD financial systems such as eFinancials, but in other cases they are only partly represented on eFinancials or do not exist at all.

For simplicity, for consolidation of summary plans and forecasts, a simple hierarchy of Ancillary and Subsidiary (AS) units has been created. This does not necessarily correspond directly to a legal entity basis or to how the entities are set up on other systems. It is simply the structure that we are using for collating summary financial information for consolidation in Plans and Outturns.

A listing of the units and the relevant accountants is available here.

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