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Forms and Reports for Ancillary & Subsidiary Reporting

Form Basics

More extensive information regarding PBCS form basics is available in the Oracle resources and General sections of our PBCS website. 

The screenshot below shows the key elements of the form.

  • The menu bar shows the items available and these may change over time, for example during the budget cycle forms related to budgets will be visible here. The currently selected item is underlined in blue.
  • The name of the form is displayed. In the screenshot it is '20-A AncSub Forecast Input'
  • An icon for the form instructions is displayed. This provides a link to this page.
  • The Point Of View bar sets the point of view. In the screenshot the Year is 21/22 and this may not be changed by the user. This is shown in black, and does not respond to clicking. In the screenshot the entity may be selected by the user and so it is shown in blue. In this case it is stored (so that it may be used when navigating to other forms) in the variable myASUnit. Other forms may have other members in the Point Of View depending on the exactly functionality required.

Ancillary and Subsidiary Form Basics

 Forms for Ancillary & Subsidiary Reporting

This form is used to enter the forecast in management accounts format for a unit, with actuals to date entered to one column (AncFcst_YTD), and a forecast for the remaining period entered to another (AncFcst_Yr_Remaining). The Full Year Forecast adds together these two columns when data is saved.

A comment may be entered for any line, but is not required.

If a summary entity is selected in the POV, a block will be shown for each reporting unit within that summary unit. If a reporting unit is selected in the POV, only that unit will be shown.

The Plan (Budget) for the year is shown.

As we move through the year, data from prior outturns will be displayed in the Outturn columns.

After saving, the data is shown in Consolidated GAAP format in a shaded bloack at the bottom of the form.

Screenshot of Ancillary and Subsidiary Forecast Input

This form is read-only and enables the user to review the Consolidated GAAP forecast for a (group of) units.

The Year may be changed by the user.

If a summary unit is selected in the Point of View, the reporting units within that group are shown as columns in the grid. The plus or minus symbol enables the user to expand or collapse the group.

If a single unit is selected, a single column of data is shown.

A comparison against Plan (Budget) is shown.

Ancillary Subsidiary Review Forecast

Ancillary and Subsidiary Reports

Brief information regarding the reports are set out below. The design of reports may change from time to time and so screenshots may not mactch exactly to current reports.

When a report is being previewed, the gear icon may be used to switch between Excel, HTML and PDF formats, or to Download as PDF.

Reports Gear Menu icon

This report shows the forecast in Management Accounts format. It can be useful as confirmation that the infrmation was entered correctly.

Ancillary and Subsidiary Management Accounts Forecast Report

This report displays the forecast in Consolidated GAAP format.

Ancillary and Subsidiary Consolidated GAAP Forecast Report

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