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UCD Records Management and Freedom of Information

Aonad Bainistíochta Taifead & Saoráil Faisnéise UCD

UCD HR Retention Schedule
General GuidelinesThis retention schedule relates will be reviewed periodically in light of experience and any legal or other relevant indications.
Approved October 2002

General classes of records held
by University HR departments.
Default retention period:This is the suggested time period for which these records should be held based on legal precedence and experience elsewhere
Final disposition: After the retention period expires the records should be archived or shredded.
Annual/sick leave records 4 years Destroy by confidential shredding
Time sheets 3 years Destroy by confidential shredding
Records of staff training 5 years Destroy by confidential shredding

Unsolicited applications for

1 year Hold for one year, then destroy
General job description files Hold for 6 years after original was superseded then archive Archive
Competition files The content of files relating to competitions for posts varies between organisations. Some material (listed separately below) should be retained indefinitely. The bulk of material should be retained for two years after the competition is closed. Destroy by confidential shredding
Vacancy notification Retain for 2 years after closing of competition Destroy
Advert copies Retain for 2 years after closing of competition Destroy
Job description Retain indefinitely Archive
Applications and CV’s of
candidates who are called
for interview
Retain for 2 years after closing of competition Destroy by confidential shredding
Selection criteria Retain indefinitely Archive
Candidates not qualified or
short listed
Retain list of candidates who applied, but destroy material such as application forms and CV's after 2 years. Destroy by confidential shredding
Candidates short listed but
not successful at interview
or who are successful but
do not accept offer
Retain for 2 years then destroy Destroy by confidential shredding
Interview Board marking sheet
and interview Board notes
Retain for 2 years then destroy Destroy by confidential shredding
Panel recommendation by
Interview Board
Retain indefinitely Archive
Assessment Boards report files Retain indefinitely Archive
Promotions Board files Retain indefinitely Archive
Promotion Boards assessment
report files
Retain indefinitely Archive
retirement records
Retain until pensioner and dependent spouse are deceased and dependent children are finished full time education plus 3 years. Destroy by confidential shredding
Staff Personnel Files Retain for duration of employment. On retirement or resignation hold for a further six years but retain service records for superannuation/pension purposes. Destroy remainder listed below. Destroy by confidential shredding
Application/CV See above  
References See above  
Recruitment medical See above  
Contract/Job specification/
Job description
See above  
Probation forms See above  
Parental leave Retain for 8 years Destroy by confidential shredding
Discipline records Hold on personal file/disciplinary file for duration of employment plus six years after resignation/retirement, then destroy. Where disciplinary policy provides for earlier removal destroy but keep a record that a warning was issued. Where the matter involved criminal activity these records should be retained indefinitely. Destroy by confidential shredding
Allegations and complaints Where the complaint is found to be untrue or unwarranted make a note on personal file index that a complaint was made, but there is no need to keep detailed documentation or refer back to previous cases if further separate allegations are made in the future.  
Occupational health records Depending on the types of materials to which the staff member was exposed (e.g. carcinogens) the health screening reports may need to be retained for up to 40 years. Consult with your local Health & Safety Officer about retention periods for this class of record.  
Pre-employment medical
Retain on personal file for duration of employment plus 6 years. At the end of retention period, destroy by confidential shredding.
Industrial relations files Hold policy documents and the history of their evolution indefinitely. Archive
Agreements-pay and others Retain indefinitely Archive

Leave policy

Retain indefinitely Archive
Employment policy Retain indefinitely Archive
Surveys/reports Retain indefinitely Archive
Union correspondence Retain indefinitely Archive
Individual industrial relations
Retain indefinitely Archive
Minutes of meetings Retain indefinitely Archive
Labour Court Recommendations Retain indefinitely Archive
Contracts for services
Examples of contracts for services that may be held by Personnel/HR departments include EAP contracts with service providers and contracts with healthcare professionals.
Retain for the duration of the contract plus six years Destroy by confidential shredding