Frances Cunningham

G. Mc C.: What do you remember about the rebellion itself? Do you remember when it began on Easter Monday?

F. C.: Indeed I do [laughter]. I was that curious, I wanted to see what happened with…[laughter]… I went up to O’Connell Street to have a look at them [laughter]. Oh, and we were all put back of course down Talbot Street the… the people that was thronging O’Connell Street, you know, and watching them in the Post Office. But they fired a few shots over their heads and they weren’t long getting out of it [laughter]. It was awful that week, awful [laughter].

  • Informant
    Frances Cunningham (F. C.)
  • Age
  • Address
    East Wall, Dublin 3
  • Collector
    George Mc Cafferty (G. Mc C.)
  • Date of recording
  • Recording context
    Informant’s home
  • Reference
    (ms.) NFC 1991: 169-214, (audio) UFP0105
  • Faisnéiseoir
    Frances Cunningham (F. C.)
  • Aois
  • Seoladh
    Cathair Bhaile Átha Cliath
  • Bailitheoir
    George Mc Cafferty (G. Mc C.)
  • Dáta Taifeadta
  • Comhthéacs Taifeadta
    Teach an fhaisnéiseora
  • Tagairt
    (ls.) CBÉ 1991: 169-214, (fuaim) UFP0105
Kenny Shoe Store Parnell Street / Moore Street [Ronán Bourke, May 1980]