Mrs. Byrne

G. B.: Can you remember anything about De Valera?

Mrs. B.: Oh, de Valera, yes we can, we do, poor Dev, yeah.

G. B.: What do you remember about him?

Mrs. B.: Ah I remember we all loved him, when he was in Boland’s Mill, yeah.

G. B.: Did he ever come around here? Did people see him at all?

Mrs. B.: I don’t know, I can’t remember if they did see him. Kevin Barry. And I seen… I remember him and his mother going down to the priest’s house, Kevin Barry. He was shot or something, he was killed.

  • Informant
    Mrs. Byrne (Mrs. B.)
  • Age
  • Address
    Ringsend, Dublin 4
  • Collector
    Gerry Brady (G. B.)
  • Date of recording
  • Recording context
    Informant’s home
  • Reference
    (audio) UFP0047
  • Faisnéiseoir
    Mrs. Byrne (Mrs. B.)
  • Aois
  • Seoladh
    Ringsend, Co. Bhaile Átha Cliath
  • Bailitheoir
    Gerry Brady (G. B.)
  • Dáta Taifeadta
  • Comhthéacs Taifeadta
    Teach an fhaisnéiseora
  • Tagairt
    (fuaim) UFP0047
Pembroke Cottages, Ringsend [Ronán Bourke, 1980]