Johnny Nolan

J. N.: About 1916… uprising, I was… only eight years of age, and it’s… the details are… vague, other than what I learned later. But living close to within a very short distance of the GPO I remember the occasion of the shelling and the burning, and from our… the window of our house, we could see this. Likewise in regard to Liberty Hall when the Helga bombed it and…  the shells fell on the building… the noise, the sound, could be heard very definitely in our house and around the neighbourhood.

  • Informant
    Johnny Nolan (J. N.)
  • Age
  • Address
    East Essex Street, Dublin 2
  • Collector
    Gerry Brady (G. B.)
  • Date of recording
  • Recording context
  • Reference
    (audio) UFP0432
  • Faisnéiseoir
    Johnny Nolan (J. N.)
  • Aois
  • Seoladh
    New Books, East Essex Street, Baile Átha Cliath 2.
  • Bailitheoir
    Gerry Brady (G. B.)
  • Dáta Taifeadta
  • Comhthéacs Taifeadta
    Teach an fhaisnéiseora
  • Tagairt
    (fuaim) UFP0432
View looking west along Custom House Quay with the Custom House and Liberty Hall visible [Gerard Brady, July 1980]