Nutrition and Health Public Lectures 

The world of social media provides an overwhelming amount of information on food and nutrition. Often this information can be misleading and, in some instances, harmful to people’s health. For the average person, it is difficult to know whether this information is fact or fiction.

The UCD Institute of Food and Health is an international leader in food and health research, with a major focus on nutrition and expertise in the role of nutrition on heart health, diabetes, cancer, obesity, ageing, pregnancy, childhood and other critical stages of life. Communicating sound, factual nutrition evidence is an integral part of our work.

At our next lecture on Monday 21st September will discuss What is a Healthy Sustainable Diet?  This lecture will be delivered online. Booking is required through our Eventbrite page here or by contacting us at

The presentations from all our previous lectures are available in our archive, which can be accessed here.