Nutrition and Health Public Lectures 

Nutrition and Health – UCD Institute of Food and Health hosts a public lecture series to share its knowledge on the role of nutrition and health.

The world of social media provides an overwhelming amount of information on food and nutrition. Often this information can be misleading and, in some instances, harmful to people’s health. For the average person, it is difficult to know whether this information is fact or fiction.

The UCD Institute of Food and Health is an international leader in food and health research, with a major focus on nutrition and expertise in the role of nutrition on heart health, diabetes, cancer, obesity, ageing, pregnancy, childhood and other critical stages of life. Communicating sound, factual nutrition evidence is an integral part of our work.

Running throughout the year, the series of lectures will include a wide range of topical areas in nutrition and health.

Our final talk for 2020 will be on Monday 16th November when Dr Katy Horner will discuss "Nutrition and Sports Performance".  This lecture will be delivered online as a Webinar. Please register here

The slides and audio files from our previous lectures are now available here