Professor Michael Snyder the 2016 John E Kinsella Memorial Lecture

1st December 2016 

On the 10th November, the UC Davis Foods For Health Institute co-hosted with the UCD Institute of Food and Health, the third John E. Kinsella Memorial Lecture at the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine & Food Sciences, UC Davis. The 2016 Lecture was presented by Prof Michael Snyder, the Stanford W Ascherman Professor and Chair of Genetics and the Director of the Center of Genomics and Personalized Medicine at Stanford University.

Prof Snyder gave an excellent lecture detailing the application of genomics, other omics technologies and wearable devices to better understand health and disease. He described how longitudinal data collection and the integration of different state-of–the-art technologies could deliver integrative personal omics profiles (iPOP) to predict and prevent disease. He brought this to a very personal level when he presented data predicating his own type 2 diabetes onset and pre-diagnosing his Lyme disease infection.

The 2016 Lecture was preceded by a series of presentations from UCD and UC Davis faculty and researchers on the topic of “Big Data in Food and Health” and marks another milestone in the long-term strategic relationship between both Universities.  



Pictured at the 2016 John E Kinsella Memorial Lecture: (Left to Right) Dr Mathew Lange, UC Davis; Prof Carolyn Slupsky, UC Davis;, Prof Nick Holden, UCD; Prof Dolores O'Riordan, UCD; Prof Michael Snyder, 2016 John E Kinsella Guest Lecture; Associate Prof Maria Marco, UC Davis,; Prof Bruce German, UC Davis; Associate Prof Daniela Barile, UC Davis; Ruth Kinsella and Dr Aifric O'Sullivan, UCD.