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Ad Astra Elite Sports Scholarships

UCD Ad Astra Elite Sports Scholarships

The pursuit of excellence is part of the mission of University College Dublin. In sport, support for talented sportsmen and women is delivered at two levels, the UCD Sports Scholarship programme and the Ad Astra Elite Sports Scholarship Programme.

Whether you are a potential applicant to the UCD Ad Astra Academy Elite Sports Programme, an interested parent, or just browsing, we hope you will find the site informative and relevant. You should find everything you need here, from background information on the Ad Astra Academy through to application procedures, details on our current athletes and insights into their daily lives. However, if you feel the site could be improved in any way, please contact us with your suggestions.

Our mission is simply "to maximise the potential of our sport athletes in their sporting and academic endeavours while studying at UCD", and the rest of this site explains the processes, people and facilities we have put in place to achieve this.

For further details and link to the online application form visit: https://www.ucd.ie/adastraacademy/elitesports/

“My Ad Astra Scholarship has been absolutely invaluable to me during my time in UCD. I firmly believe that it has allowed me to compete in my sport at the highest possible level while affording me the chance to have an enjoyable and authentic college experience. My time in UCD has been fantastic both on and off the field and this would not have been possible without the support I received”

Jack McCaffrey – 5 time All Ireland Winner, 2015 Footballer of the Year, Sigerson Captain. Ad Astra and Sports Scholar, Medicine Graduate 2018


University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.