UCD/UL/DEW Conference on Irish Economic Policy


Economic Policy and Evaluation


Chair: Donal De Butleir (IFPRC)

Tom Healy (CERU)
Researching Alternative Economic Policies      Audio      Paper

Frank Convery (UCD & IFPRC)
Making Sure Economists In The Public Service Do More Good Than Harm

Frances Ruane (ESRI)
Evaluation — Contextual and Methodological Issues

Robert Watt (PER)
Improving Policy-Making Capacity (No Slides)


Property Market


Chair: Stephen Kinsella

Ronan Lyons (Oxford)
Residential Site Value Tax: Valuation, Implementation & Fiscal Outcomes

Michelle Norris (UCD)
Pathways Through Mortgage Arrears

Rob Kitchin (NUIM)
Prospects for the Irish Property Market




Chair: Minister Joan Burton T.D.

David Bell (Stirling)
Unemployment in the Great Recession: More Misery for the Young?

Aedin Doris (NUIM)
Employment and Unemployment: What do Sectoral and Demographic Patterns Tell Us?

Philip O'Connell (ESRI)
The Impact of Training Programme Type and Duration on the Employment Chances of the Unemployed in Ireland




Chair: Kevin Denny (UCD)

Orla Doyle (UCD)
Early Educational Investment as an Economic Recovery Strategy

Alan Barrett (ESRI/TCD)
The Costs of Emigration to the Individual: Evidence from Ireland’s Older Adults

Brendan Walsh (UCD)
Well-being and Economic Conditions in Ireland


Banking and the Euro


Chair: Constantin Gurdgiev (TCD)

Brian Lucey (TCD)
Banking in Ireland: Back to the Future

Karl Whelan (UCD)
The IBRC, ELA, Promissory Notes and All That...

Frank Barry (TCD)
Rectifying Design Flaws in the Euro Project


Competition, Regulation and Privatisation


Chair: Cathal Guiomard (CAR)

Richard Tol (Sussex
Energy Policy and Economic Growth

John Fingleton (UK OFT)
Economic Growth - How Can Competition Policy Help? (No Slides)

Doug Andrew (Ex London Airport Regulator)
Ownership, Governance and Reform


Fiscal Policy


Chair: Dan O'Brien (Irish Times)

Philip Lane (TCD
Ireland and the Fiscal Compact

John McHale (NUIG)
Strengthening Ireland’s Fiscal Institutions

Seamus Coffey (UCC)
Current and Capital Expenditure: Getting the balance right  Long Format Slides

Colm McCarthy (UCD)
Public Investment and Fiscal Stabilisation