Irish Economic Policy Conference 2015

Organised by ESRI, UCD, the Geary Institute, UL and the University of Stirling, the theme for this year’s conference was  “Learning from Crisis”. The venue was the Institute of Banking , North Wall Quay, Dublin 1 on  25th February 2015. 

Slides - the slides are available in pdf where available
Video - the videos are the slides with the audio of the speaker files are 20-70Mb in size, larger for longer talks
Audio - for the demography we only have audio which is an mp3 file
Disclaimer - we have done our best with the quality of the audio and video under the circumstances e.g. ambient noise and speaker distance from the mic


Registration: 8.30 – 9.15

Session 1         9:15 – 10:45

1A. Housing and Debt

Chair: John Hogan, Department of Finance

  • Ronan Doyle (PWC): “Recovery in the Irish Banking Market – Are we there yet?”
  • Kieran McQuinn (ESRI): “Deleveraging in a highly indebted property market: Who does it and are there implications for household consumption?”
  • Yvonne McCarthy (CBI): “Disentangling the mortgage arrears crisis: The role of the labour market, income volatility and housing equity”

1A. Labour Market

Chair: Philip O’Connell (UCD, Geary)

  • Elish Kelly, Gillian Kingston, Helen Russell, Fran McGinnity (ESRI), “The Equality Impact of the Employment Crisis
  • Aedin Doris Donal O’Neill and Olive Sweetman (Maynooth), “’Wage Responses to the Great Recession”
  • Seamus McGuinness and Adele Bergin (ESRI), “Over-education in Europe: Is there scope for a common policy approach?”

Session 2         11:15 – 13.00 

2A. Demography

Chair: Liam Delaney (U. Stirling)

  • Irene Mosca (TCD) and Alan Barrett (TCD): “The Impact of Voluntary and Involuntary Retirement on Mental Health: Evidence from Older Irish Adults”
  • Tony Fahey (UCD):  “Family and Fertility in Ireland: a Human Capital Perspective’
  • Micheál Collins (NERI): “Ireland’s Income Distribution, Pre-Distribution and Re-distribution: some observations”
  • Sanna Nivakoski (TCD) “The exchange motive in intergenerational transfers”

2B. Energy and Utilities

Chair: Ronan Gallagher, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform

  • Lisa Ryan (UCD) “The rebound effects of energy efficiency policy – a new economic objective?”
  • Cathal Guiomard (DCU) “Avoiding Regulatory Capture”
  • Colm McCarthy: “IAG’s Bid for Aer Lingus: How Heathrow Slots Actually Work”
  • Jim Deegan (UL): “Taking Tourism Seriously for Future Economic Development”

Session 3         1:45 – 3:15

3A. Inequality

Chair:  Jim Walsh, Department of Social Protection.

  • David Madden (UCD): “’Bridging the Gaps: Inequalities in Children’s Educational Outcomes in Ireland”
  • Darragh Flannery (UL): “An Investigation of Spatial and Social Inequalities in Higher Education Participation”
  • Christopher Whelan (Geary) Helen Russell (ESRI) and Bertrand Maître (ESRI) “Economic Stress & the Great Recession in Ireland: Polarization, Individualization or ‘Middle Class Squeeze’”?

3B. Financial Regulation

Chair: Stephen Kinsella (UL)

  • Lars Frisell (CBI): “The timing of macroprudential intervention: The Central Bank’s new LTV and LTI regulations”
  • Elaine Byrne (TCD) “ Veto Players and Relational Distance: Enforcement in Irish Financial Regulation”
  • Aidan Regan (UCD): “Taming Global Finance in an Age of Capital: Wage-Setting Institutions Mitigating Effects on Housing Bubbles”

Session 4         3:30 – 5:00

4. Plenary: Economics after the Crisis

What have we learned from the Great Recession and the Irish crisis about the economy and about economics, economic models and policy?

Chair: Frances Ruane (ESRI)