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Why and how do governments intervene in land markets?- "Talking about Land Series"

Why and how governments intervene in land markets; land value tax; public land leasing; and inclusionary zoning are just some of the topics set to feature in a new series of talks organised by The Housing Agency, The Land Development Agency, and the Geary Institute of Public Policy, UCD.

“Talking about Land” is a series of seven talks which will examine how governments in other countries intervene in the management of state lands and land markets to ensure there is adequate affordable housing supply. International experts will share their experiences with Irish practitioners and explore how they can apply their practices to an Irish context.  Each event will see an international speaker sharing a case study of land management in their respective country, followed by a speaker working in housing and land management in Ireland. 

The first session will take place on Tuesday 4 October, 2022, 12pm-1pm. Speakers will include Prof. Julie Lawson of RMIT University Melbourne, and Prof. Michelle Norris, Director of the Geary Institute for Public Policy, UCD.

If you would like to register to join the first session online via Zoomplease use this link. You may also use this link to register to join the entire series online.

Further details will be released in advance of each session.