Enhancing Police and Industry Practice EU Child Online Safety Project Launched

10 November 2016

This report draws together the findings from the European Child Online Safety Project which was funded by the European Commission ISEC fund. The project was led by Professor Julia Davidson Middlesex University, UK with partners from and the Geary Institute, University College Dublin, Ireland (Adjunct Associate Professor Mary Aiken, Dr Carly Cheevers and R.A Ciaran Haughton), University of Tilburg, Netherlands; University of Kore, Enna, Italy; Cyberpsychology Research Centre, Royal College of Surgeons; and FDE Institute of Criminology, Mantova, Italy. The project sought to draw together the evidence base on online offender and victim behaviour including:

  • Online grooming
  • Possession, collection and distribution of indecent child images
  • Identification of policing and industry best practice in prevention

The project also sought to promote cooperation between law enforcement and industry in developing and disseminating good practice models in the area of online CSA. Through collaboration, this will ultimately assist practitioners and professionals:

  • To develop effective prevention techniques
  • In early detection and deterrence
  • With the provision of valid and recent research

The project had three primary and interdependent objectives:

  1. Link project specific risk characteristics with other risk factors for grooming, like risk-taking and sexual orientation concerns
  2. Creation of victim typologies of cyber-grooming to assist with identification of vulnerable individuals and groups
  3. Development of ‘Best Practice’ guidelines for industry and law enforcement in the identification and prevention of online childhood sexual abuse

Enhancing Police and Industry Practice Final Report December 2016Enhancing Police and Industry Practice Final Report December 2016

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