Date Speaker Title
30th Sept 2014 Professor Brendan Walsh, Professor Emeritus, School of Economics, UCD Intermarriage in Ireland: Evidence from Irish Census Data
3rd Oct 2014 Professor Jeremy Bray, Dept. of Economics, UNC Greensboro and Adjunct Professor, Geary Institute, UCD Return on Investment of a Work-Family Intervention: Evidence from the Work, Family, and Health Network
7th Oct 2014 Professor Richard Layte, Department of Sociology, TCD Trends in Socio-Economic Inequalities in Mortality by Sex in Ireland from the 1980s to the 2000’s
14th Oct 2014 Dr Denis O'Hora, School of Psychology, NUI Galway, Ireland The action dynamics of choice and decision-making
17th Oct 2014 Ms. Julia Barrett, Research Services Manager, UCD Library Managing, sharing and re-using data: Your data – How UCD services can help you manage it and existing data - using the Irish Social Science Data Archive and other archives
21st Oct 2014 Professor Tony Fahey, Professor of Social Policy, School of Applied Social Science Family Size as a Social Leveller for Children in the Second Demographic Transition
28th Oct 2014 Dr Patricia McMullin, EUI Florence The multiple dimensions of educational (dis)advantage? Examining inequality in educational opportunities and labor market outcomes in the UK from within the ‘eduLIFE' project’
4th Nov 2014 Dr Michelle Norris, UCD School of Applied Social Science Varieties of Home Ownership: Ireland’s transition from a Socialised to a Marketised Policy Regime
11th Nov 2014 Dr Jan Rigby, Department of Geography and National Centre for Geocomputation, Maynooth University A geography of health inequalities in Ireland
18th Nov 2014 Professor Michael Hill, Visiting Professor, PSSRU, LSE Delegated Policy Delivery: Issues about routinisation and accountability
2nd Dec 2014 Dr Gerry Molloy, School of Psychology, NUI Galway The Oral Contraceptive Pill in Ireland: Psychosocial Determinants of Uptake and Adherence
9th Dec 2014 Dr Carmel Hannan, Department of Sociology, University of Limerick Lone-Parenthood: The Broader Perspective
20th Jan 2015 Dr George Gloukoviezoff, UCD Geary Institute for Public Policy Creating Credit, Not Debt
23rd Jan 2015 A Round-Table event organized by the Research Programme on Building State Capacity in Ireland, UCD Geary Institute for Public Policy The Irish public sector in European perspective
27th Jan 2015 Dr Jane Gray, Department of Sociology, Maynooth University Rethinking the transformation of parents’ values and aspirations for their children
6th Feb 2015 Dr Arnaud Chevalier, IZA Bonn and Royal Holloway, University of London Not all cohorts are born equal: Evidence from the educational outcome of the ‘children of the wall
10th Feb 2015 Dr. Sanna Nivakoski, UCD Geary Institute for Public Policy The exchange motive in intergenerational transfers
17th Feb 2015 Dr. Alicja Bobek, Employment Research Centre, Dept. Of Sociology, TCD Migrant Health Workers
24th Feb 2015 Dr Kevin Denny, School of Economics, UCD Special needs children & the labour supply of mothers
25th Feb 2015 Irish Economy Conference 2015 Irish Economy Conference 2015
3rd March 2015 Professor Emer Smyth, ESRI Age or stage? Influences on the transition to junior cycle education
12th March 2015 Professor Stephen Buka, Brown University Children and Human Development Research Centre Seminar: Reducing the global burden of mental disorder: lessons from developmental epidemiology
24th March 2015 Professor Brian McCall, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, University of Michigan Do Public Tuition Subsidies Promote College Enrollment? Evidence from Community College Taxing Districts in Texas
31st March 2015 Dr Anne Cleary, School of Sociology, UCD Suicidal behaviour: gender patterns and paradoxes
7th April 2015 Dr Sanna Nivakoski, Prof Philip O'Connell and Mr Mark Hargaden, UCD Geary Institute for Public Policy Public service activities of UCD staff
14th April 2015 Dr Stephan Koeppe, School of Applied Social Science, UCD Assets, Welfare markets and user behaviour. Evidence from OECD countries
21st April 2015 Dr Olive Sweetman, Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting, Maynooth University Wage adjustment in Ireland: between and within firm effects
28th April 2015 Dr Greet Vermeylen, European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions Work-life balance throughout the life course: some reflections on outcomes from the European working conditions survey
5th May 2015 Dr Agnès Parent Thirion, European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions Working conditions in the European Union: some reflections and results from the European Working Conditions Survey
12th May 2015 Dr Delma Byrne, Departments of Sociology and Education, Maynooth University An evaluation of the HEAR and DARE supplementary admission routes to Higher Education
2nd June 2015 Dr Arman Mazhikeyev, School of Economics, UCD Consequences of Asymmetric Deeper Eurasian Economic Integration
3rd June 2015 Professor Stefan Svallfors (University of Umeå Power Without Mandate? Policy Professionals in Organized Politics
19th June 2015 Professor Thomas Ahn University of Kentucky When Incentives Matter Too Much: Explaining Significant Responses to Irrelevant Information