Date Speaker Title
11th Sept 2018 Seaneen Sloan, School of Education, UCD The of randomised control trials in education
18th Sept 2018 George Barker, London School of Economics The Law and Economics of EU State Aids:  An Assessment of The European Commission’s Apple Decision
25th Sept 2018 Brendan Walsh, ESRI Did the expansion of free GP care impact demand for emergency attendances?  A difference-in- difference analysis
9th Oct 2018 Eva Krockow, University of Leicester Antimicrobial resistance: a social dilemma problem?
16th Oct 2018 Eric Doyle, Department of the Taoiseach/IGEES The impact of technology changes on the future workforce
23rd Oct 2018 Finola Colgan Mental Health Ireland and Barry Caslin Teagasc Transformation in Ireland’s agricultural sector: what are the outcomes for Irish farm families?
6th Nov 2018 António Fernando Tavares, University of Minho Assessing and Explaining Local Government Transparency in Portugal: The Municipal Transparency Index, 2013-2017
13th Nov 2018 Philip J. O’Connell, Geary Institute for Public Policy Why Are So Few Africans at Work in Ireland? Immigration Policy and Labour Market Disadvantage
20th Nov 2018 Sean Moynihan, ALONE Housing choices for older people in Ireland
 27th Nov 2018 Seamus Coffey, UCC Mortgage repossession cases before the Cork County Registrar: Outcomes and Orders
18th Jan 2019  Ali Seqer, ADA University, Baku  Global benchmarking and the making of public policy in the UK 
22nd Jan 2019  Malte Sandner, IAB, Nuremberg  The medium term effectiveness of a home visiting program for disadvantaged children in Germany 
29th Jan 2019  Caitriona Cahir, RCSI  Medication Compliance Behaviour in Ireland
5th Feb 2019  Rachel Griffith, University of Manchester Battling the bottle: a minimum unit pricing on alcohol versus tax reform 
12th Feb 2019  Claire McGing, Maynooth University  Gender Quotas for Dáil Elections 
19th Feb 2019  Aidan Regan, UCD A survey experiment on attitudes toward corporate tax avoidance
26th Feb 2019 Mathew J Creighton, UCD Zan Strabac, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Rethinking the mainstream:  Situational conformity, party affiliation and support for Muslim newcomers in Norway
5th March 2019 Éidín Ní Shé, UCD What is the role of the university in enabling the reciprocal involvement of seldom heard voices in health and social care research?
26th Mar 2019  Laura Bambrick, ICTU  Women, Work and Policy 
2nd Apr 2019  Ju Yul Lee, Namseoul University  Healthcare system and Health Policy in South Korea
9th Apr 2019  Megan Curran, UCD Large Family, Poor Family? Household Incomes and Child Poverty in Large Families in the US, UK and Ireland
23rd Apr 2019  Mauricio Avendano Pabon, Harvard TBC 
26th Apr 2019 Anupam B. Jena, Harvard Natural experiments in health care
30th Apr 2019  Nicolas Salamanca Acosta, IZA  Parents' Behavioral Response to Teacher Qualifications