Working Papers » 2018

Geary WP2018/25

International Migration in Ireland, 2018 - Philip J O'Connell

Geary WP2018/24

An Honours System for Ireland - David Barrett

Geary WP2018/23

Hazard Model Analysis of Community College Outcomes - Christopher Jepsen, Darshak Patel

Geary WP2018/22

Funding Council Housing Provision, Management and Maintenance: An analysis of the financial sustainability of local authority provided social housing - Michelle Norris, Aideen Hayden

Geary WP2018/21

The Great Recession and Mental Health: the Effect of Income Loss on the Psychological Health of Young Mothers - Fiona Kiernan

Geary WP2018/20

Immigrant Voters, Taxation and the Size of the Welfare State - Benjamin Elsner, Arnaud Chevalier, Andreas Lichter, Nico Pestel

Geary WP2018/19

Air pollution and health - A provincial level analysis of China - Wei Zheng, Patrick Paul Walsh

Geary WP2018/18

Urbanization, trade openness, and air pollution: a provincial level analysis of China - Wei Zheng, Patrick Paul Walsh

Geary WP2018/17

Economic growth, urbanization and energy consumption - Wei Zheng, Patrick Paul Walsh

Geary WP2018/16

Why are so few Africans at work in Ireland? Immigration policy and labour market disadvantage - Philip J O'Connell

Geary WP2018/15

The Great Recession, Household Income, and Children's Test Scores - Mark McGovern, Slawa Rokicki

Geary WP2018/14

Where is the Destination? Understanding the Determinants of International Students’ Destination Choices upon Graduation in Ireland - Zizhen Wang, Philip J O'Connell

Geary WP2018/13

Basic Stata graphics for economics students - Kevin Denny

Geary WP2017/12

Taxing Highly Processed Foods - Impacts on Obesity and Underweight in Sub-Saharan Africa - Ole Boysen, Kirsten Boysen-Urban, Harvey Bradford, Jean Balié

Geary WP2017/11

Tax Refunds and Income Manipulation Evidence from the EITC - Florian Buhlmann, Benjamin Elsner, Andreas Peichl

Geary WP2018/10

Taking the Skill Bias out of Global Migration - Costanza Biavaschi, Michal Burzynski, Benjamin Elsner, Joël Machado

Geary WP2018/09

International Migration in Ireland, 2017 - Philip J O'Connell

Geary WP2018/08

A Distributional Analysis of Upper Secondary School Performance - John Cullinan, Kevin Denny, Darragh Flannery

Geary WP2018/07

Bringing the Household Back in. Comparative Capitalism and the Politics of Housing Markets - Greg Fuller, Alison Johnston, Aidan Regan

Geary WP2018/06

Beyond Common Equity - The Influence of Secondary Capital on Bank Insolvency Risk - Thomas Conlon, John Cotter, Philip Molyneux

Geary WP2018/05

Spillovers in Risk of Financial Institutions - John Cotter, Anita Suurlaht

Geary WP2018/04

Are equity market anomalies disappearing? Evidence from the U.K - John Cotter, Niall McGeever

Geary WP2018/03

Skills for the 21st Century: Findings and Policy Lessons from the OECD Survey of Adult Skills - John P. Martin

Geary WP2018/02

Inference with difference-in-differences with a small number of groups: a review, simulation study and empirical application using SHARE data - Slawa Rokicki, Jessica Cohen, Günther Fink, Joshua A. Salomon, Mary Beth Landrum

Geary WP2018/01

Tenure Mixing to Combat Public Housing Stigmatization: external benefits, internal challenges and contextual influences in three Dublin neighbourhoods - Anna Carnegie, Michelle Norris, Michael Byrne