Working Papers » 2019

Geary WP2019/14

International Migration in Ireland, 2019 by Philip O'Connell

Geary WP2019/13

Integration Among US Banks by Abhinav Anand and John Cotter

Geary WP2019/12

The Effect of the Great Recession on Health: A longitudinal study of Irish Mothers 2001-2011 by Jonathan Briody, Orla Doyle and Cecily Kelleher

Geary WP2019/11

The Death of Conservative Ireland? The 2018 Abortion Referendum by Johan Elkink, David Farrell,Sofie Marien, Theresa Reidy and Jane Suiter

Geary WP2019/10

Co-skewness across Return Horizons by Thomas Conlon, John Cotter and Chenglu Jin

Geary WP2019/09

Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide - Asset Diversification in a Flat World by John Cotter, Stuart Gabriel, Richard Roll

Geary WP2019/08

Oil Price Volatility and Political Unrest: Prudence and Protest in Producer and Consumer Societies, 1980-2013 by Samuel Brazys, Krishna Chaitanya Vadlamannati and Indra de Soysa

Geary WP2019/07

Which Wheel Gets the Grease? Constituent Agency and Sub-national World Bank Aid Allocation by Samuel Brazys, Krishna Chaitanya Vadlamannati and Tianyang Song

Geary WP2019/06

Building Bridges or Breaking Bonds? The Belt and Road Initiative and Foreign Aid Competition by Krishna Chaitanya Vadlamannati, Yuanxin Li, Samuel Brazys and Alexander Dukalskis

Geary WP2019/05

Ireland’s paternity benefit: belated social investment by Stephan Köppe

Geary WP2019/04

The Role of the Media in Shaping Attitudes Toward Corporate Tax Avoidance: Experimental Evidence from Ireland by Liam Kneafsey and Aidan Regan

Geary WP2019/03

Severe housing deprivation: Addressing the social sustainability challenge in the EU by Nessa Winston and Patricia Kennedy

Geary WP2019/02

The financialization of housing and the growth of the private rental sector in Ireland, the UK and Spain by  Michael Byrne

Geary WP2019/01

Financing the Golden Age of Irish Social Housing, 1932-1956 (and the dark ages which followed) by Michelle Norris