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The Stu Daultrey Book Donation to UCD Library

Monday, 20 February, 2017

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The Stu Daultrey Book Donation to UCD Library

Monday, 20 February, 2017

Stu Daultrey was formerly a lecturer in what was then the UCD Department of Geography, now UCD School of Geography. His particular interest was climatology and many former students will remember second year climatology practical classes where we were all instructed to create climatological profiles of the Levant and other such places, many of which we have never heard of before.

Stu produced various works based on his research, including one on the weather conditions during the Spanish Armada! He was an early advocate of interrogating the evidence in relation to climate change, and one of the earliest readings most first year students read during his time in the Department was “Throwing stones at the greenhouse”. This was an early introduction for many to the importance of critical thinking and thought in a University setting. Stu was also a keen cricket lover, with his own website (“Stu’s Cricket Watch”) and Twitter feed.

Stu passed away in December 2015 and his wife, Carol, bequeathed a significant book collection to the UCD Library. Find out more by clicking this link.

A detailed obituary by his former colleague, Arnold Horner, has just recently been published in Irish Geography, the journal of the Geographical Society of Ireland.

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