UCD Geographer elected Secretary/Treasurer of the IGU Commission for the History of Geography

Dr Federico Ferretti of UCD School of Geography has been elected Secretary/Treasurer of the IGU Commission for the History of Geography.

The Commission on History of Geography of the International Geographical Union is comprised by a steering committee of 11 members (plus 3 honorary chairs and 5 honorary members) representing each one a different country and covering all the continents. The Commission organises every year one or more international conferences within the general meetings of the IGU and the ICHST, or independently, covering at large the fields of historical geography, history and philosophy of geography, history of cartography and geo-history. The Commission publishes the annual journal Geographers Biobibliographical Studies and is involved in a number of projects to enhance and make known geographical archives in different countries. The Commission’s mailing list records over 500 scholars from all over the world. The Commission is committed to organise in Dublin one of its regional conferences in the next years, as a contribution for the steps leading to the 2024 International Geographical Congress to be held in Dublin. We are likewise committed to support the IGU Centennial Conference to be held in Paris in 2022 and the IGU thematic conference ‘Geographies for Peace’, scheduled in La Paz for 23-25 April 2017.”

As part of the International Congress for the History of Science and Technology 2017 (Rio de Janeiro, 23-29 July 2017), http://www.ichst2017.sbhc.org.br/, Dr Ferretti and colleagues at the IGU Commission for the History of Geography are co-organising a number of sessions. Please find the Call for Papers in PDF format below.

  1. English -  Rio 2017 English - Call for papers
  2. Spanish - Rio 2017 Spanish - Call for papers
  3. French - Rio 2017 French - Call for papers