The International Symposium “Geographies of Identities and Imaginations”

Held at UCD School of Geography from 10 to 12 July 2019, the Symposium of the IGU Commission History of Geography was extraordinarily successful. Delegates from around 20 countries discussed their ongoing research in the field of identities and imaginations during three full days of lively discussion and debate on the rich range of ideas presented. Two events have marked this conference: we were delighted to welcome members of the Buttimer family to our opening event - a tribute to Anne Buttimer - and we thank them for their attendance and participation, and an outstanding keynote lecture by David N. Livingstone, to whom we are likewise thankful. This conference was an occasion for relaunching and strengthening the Commission, and plans are already in progress to organise new sessions in Lecce, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Prague and Paris over the next three years. The organisers would also like to thank the Head of School, the School Manager and School Technician in UCD Geography for their support in the organisation of this fantastic event.