Geopolitics, economies and space

Research within the Geopolitics, Economies and Space theme considers how states materialize and exercise power over territory through knowledges, discourses and practices; examines the media-government nexus in economic change; and explores the dynamics of contemporary knowledge economies. Geographically, our research covers, but is not limited to, Europe, North and South America, Asia, and the Middle East. Theoretical approaches span mainstream to critical scholarship.

  1. International circulation of geographical knowledge through critical and anarchist approaches, with a critical focus on the Global South. 
  2. Geographies of diplomacy in and of Europe, particularly towards India, North Africa and the Mediterranean.
  3. Neoliberalism, austerity and response particularly in Western Europe.
  4. Evolutionary economic geography, with particular emphasis on knowledge production and its spatial diffusion in North America and Western Europe.
  5. Neoliberal market transformations and state development in Asia.

Staff associated with this theme include: Dr Christine Bonnin, Dr Federico Ferretti, Prof Alun Jones, Dr Dieter Kogler, Dr Julien Mercille, Dr Niamh Moore-Cherry and Dr Zhao Zhang.

Recent publications and research projects

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Making invisible trends visible - cartography as expression (Antipode, 2016)

This research addresses the early international and transnational circulation of critical thinking by analysing the networks of the scholars and militants collaborating and corresponding with Elisée Reclus, Pyotr Kropotkin, Lev Me?nikov and other anarchist, radical and anti-colonialist geographers, from the end of the 19th century until the present-day. It analyses primary sources like archives and original works and interrogates the material construction of academic and non-academic critical geographies by studying scientific networks and circulations of scholars and ideas. It is based on multilingualism, cosmopolitanism, cultural transfer and the assumption that knowledge is the product of transcultural processes of circulation and cross-breeding. This research is also interdisciplinary, mobilizing conceptual tools belonging not only to historical and cultural geography, but also to the sociology of science, cultural history, postcolonial, de-colonial and subaltern studies. It includes critical mapping and alternative representations of the world.


Watch Dr Federico Ferretti discuss his new paper (Antipode, 2016) further on his YouTube channel at the following link - click here. The publication can be found here: "Arcangelo Ghisleri and the “Right to Barbarity”: Geography and Anti-colonialism in Italy in the Age of Empire (1875-1914).

Bonnin, Christine and Turner, S (2014) ''A good wife stays home': Gendered negotiations over state agricultural programmes and food security, upland-Vietnam'. Gender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography, 21 (10):1302-1320.

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