Masters Thesis Topics

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Dr Christine Bonnin

Topics include:
(1) Development geography
(2) Southeast Asian geographies
(3) Upland ethnic minorities in Asia's borderlands
(4) Livelihood studies
(5) Informal economies
(6) Infrapolitics and everyday resistance
(7) Food waste policies in the EU
(8) Food waste in global south-north supply chains
(9) Marketplaces and small-scale traders

Assoc. Prof. Joseph Brady

Topics include:
(1) Urban Geography;
(2) Dublin;
(3) Data Analysis;
(4) Mapping and Cartography

Dr Arlene Crampsie

Topics include:
(1) Institutional landscapes in 19th / 20th Century
(2) Geographies of the revolutionary period
(3) Sport and place identity
(4) Environmental history
(5) Geographies of myth and memory

Professor Jacky Croke

Topics include:
(1) The use of TCN’s in prioritising catchment sediment loads to the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia.
(2) Using historical records of floods (in Ireland or Australia) to provide a broader context for future flood predictions.
(3) Using spatial stream power maps as a tool to manage flood response in river basins.
(4) Predicting geomorphic response to floods in Ireland for emergency risk management.
(5) Demonstrating the potential of natural flood management in river systems

Dr Federico Ferretti

Topics include:
(1) Latin America, Brazil and social movements in the Global South
(2) Cultural Geographies and Postcolonial Studies
(3) History and Philosophy of Geography and Historical Geography
(4) Critical and Radical Geographies and Development Studies

Dr Colman Gallagher Topics include:
1) martian glaciology applied to questions of thermal regime and meltwater production;
(2) mapping glacial landforms on Mars - aimed at reconstructing Last Martian Glacial Maximum ice limits and potential aspect-controlled ice wastage;
(3) cryo-volcanic landscapes on Mars - looking for evidence of recent water production from volcanically-induced melt of ground-ice;
(4) a study of pool-spacing in martian river channels, aimed at developing a better understanding of flood magnitudes and relationships with cross-sectional channel geometry.

Dr Ainhoa González Del Campo

Topics include:
(1) Strategic Environmental Assessment - current practice and effectiveness
(2) Strategic Environmental Assessment - tools and methods to improve evidence-based planning and development
(3) Environmental Impact Assessment - public engagement and collaborative design and planning
(4) Light pollution - spatial trends and potential for ecological light pollution
(5) Any landscape-related research/project that includes geospatial analysis.

Prof Alun Jones, MRIA

Topics include:
(1) Some potential topics linked to my current research:
(2) Emotional Geographies of Diplomacy
(3) Conceptualization of Europeanisation
(4) Supranationalism and Brexit

Assoc Prof. Julien Mercille

Topics include:
(1) Healthcare
(2) Media
(3) Privatization
(4) Neoliberalism

Dr Gerald Mills

Topics include:
(1) Boundary layer climates,
(2) environmental design and microclimate;
(3) regional scale water and energy budgets.

Assoc Prof. Niamh Moore-Cherry

Topics include:
(1) City-regional planning in Ireland
(2) Thirty years of urban regeneration policy in Ireland
(3) Contested heritages and urban development
(4) Geography in higher education

Dr Eoin O'Mahony

Topics include:
(1) urban and suburban geographies with an emphasis on the uses of temporary and vacant spaces
(2) social and public housing. 

Dr Gregory Spencer

Topics include:
His research focuses on the economies of local communities. Greg has published in some of the top international academic journals in his field such as The Journal of Economic Geography and Regional Studies on the topics of industrial clusters and the social dynamics of the creative process.

Dr Jonathan Turner

Topics include:
1. Investigating the hydromorphological impacts of managed weir removal and natural weir failure
2. Restoring meanders in Irish rivers
Objectives could include:
(i) identify the extent of meandering in ‘natural’ rivers
(ii) look at extent of meander cut-off in managed or drained rivers
(iii) determine the length of river channel lost through channelization
(iv) look at old meanders to see what percentage are still in a wilderness state and what percentage are fully integrated into the modern field pattern etc.