Student Testimonials

Louise Sarsfield-Collins “Studying geography provided me with the perfect set of skills in critical thinking; analysis; team work; problem solving and research to underpin my later studies in humanitarian action and in international law” (Louise Sarsfield-Collins, International Humanitarian Law Advocacy Officer with Irish Red Cross).
Dylan Connor “Geography is an engaging subject due to its breadth, diversity of staff and its relevance to the world around us. Classes are enjoyable, the staff are really helpful and geography seems to attract a broad range of students from different backgrounds meaning I befriended people from every walk of life imaginable” (Dylan Connor, Former MA student in UCD and current PhD Candidate, UCLA).

John Scanlon

The broad range of research interests among the staff provides for a more rounded and comprehensive approach to research methodologies and data analysis. It also allows for more interdisciplinary approaches to research and lends itself to strong connections between staff and graduates from a number of inter related schools. The hosting of various seminars, symposiums and graduate workshops throughout the academic semester helps to integrate the staff and student body and further develops the students' academic experience. The establishment of a Geographical Society is a welcome development in helping to promote interest in the subject among students and it also provides an inclusive environment for new students in the university” (John Scanlon, PhD researcher).

Zhao Zhang

"Whenever I recall my life of pursuing my PhD degree overseas, I always feel that I made a wise decision by joining UCD Geography. As an international student, highly engaged supervision and embracive research environment have offered me the best opportunities to stay inspired and continue making progress on my research. In addition, I have benefited a lot from very supportive and well-extended global networks of UCD Geography, which enables me to present research findings at the prestigious conferences worldwide and lays a solid foundation for my future career development" (Dr Zhao Zhang, China Scholarship Council scholar, 2010-2015).

Angela Gissi

''In the UCD School of Geography I have acquired extensive knowledge about theories and methodologies of geographical research and have also learned how to translate them into practical analysis of contemporary issues. Geography scholars' support, guidance and expertise have been a great source of inspiration to me'' (Angela Gissi, PhD researcher).