How Do I Apply?

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How Do I Apply?

Erasmus exchanges are subject specific, meaning your options will depend on your School. There are also 10 universities with which we have University-wide exchanges. You can learn more about these Erasmus Open Places here. If you are a Business or Law student, please visit the Quinn School of Business or UCD School of Law website and select your programme to view your options.

  1. You should first consult your full list of options using our ‘Where can I go?' page and check when your Programme permits exchange using our ‘When can I go?' page.
  2. It is important that you understand the academic options and obligations at a host university before applying for exchange. Therefore, we recommend you research your preferred destinations, their academic calendar, class offerings & language requirements (Science and Engineering students must match their modules), cost of living, etc.
  3. Each School has one or more Erasmus coordinators listed on our ‘Where can I go?' page who organise the internal application process. Once you have made your decision, contact them for advice on the application process and relevant deadlines. Arts & Humanities / Social Science students pursuing a Joint Degree and registered to two Schools can apply to both separately.
  4. Once nominated by your coordinator, complete the Erasmus application on your SISweb under ‘Programme Services’ and submit by the deadline.
  5. After nomination we will contact students regarding the Erasmus+ Grant process


After your nomination, UCD International forwards your details and contact information to your host institution. In most cases they will contact you directly regarding registration and next steps.

Please remember:

  • Check your host’s website early on for important information regarding accommodation, registration, language courses, and deadlines.
  • UCD does not arrange accommodation for you in our partner universities.


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